Shipping. Because you knew it would happen eventually.


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Ok, tell us, 8WayRun. Which pairings do you get the funny feelings for whenever you see them doing anything together?

Tira/Pyrrha is an obvious one. From the MASSIVE SPOILERS
story vids we got a couple of days ago, I could grab a HUGE ton of subtext from their interactions and stuff. I know, Tira might just be grooming little ol' Pyrrha for her destiny as the next Nightmare, but still, it's kinda not hard to gleam a stalker-with-a-crush kinda vibe from Tira. That, and Jennifer Hale being delightfully creepy as Tira this time around.

I'm also liking Natsu/Leixia. I know, Taki is missing and stuff, but Natsu seemed just a TINY bit too eager to go traveling with this random that just happened to come across her ninja school. But, it seems Namdai's gonna try to go towards Xiba/Leixia. Which is really ick.

One more from me - Come on, you're telling me after 17 years, Siegfried and Hilde didn't hook up? Really? Seriously?


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Pyrrha and Patroklos incest relation.



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Now, Cena, here I thought you were talking about package shipping, and I was about to start ranting about how Best Buy is retarded at that.

Well, here I support:

Siegfried & Hilde (those babies didn't come out of nowhere)
Viola & Z.W.E.I. (damsel in distress meets partners in crime)
Xiba & Leixia

lol, that's about it


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I would say probably the characters I can see making the most sense would be:

Sieg x Hilde (I find it disappointing the poor gal or her kids never got so much as a cameo in Story Mode)

ZWEI x Viola (Oddly, dialogue spoken when ZWEI wins against Viola hints he truly cares about her)


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ZWEI x Viola (Oddly, dialogue spoken when ZWEI wins against Viola hints he truly cares about her)
That might just be a brotherly connection. That And Z.W.E.I. is icky and he shouldn't touch Viola ew.


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I quite like the idea of the ZWEIxSiegfreid thing. But its not going to happen.

Siegfried seems straight to me, not only that but unlikely to commit to any relationships, and if he was... hilde would be more likely than ZWEI.

Zwei on the other hand, is probably gay. He'd fit into the gay leather scene perfectly, and the whole buisnuiss with Katsuhiro Harada asking Daishi Odashima if ZWEI was gay, while probably intended as a joke, I'd not be suprised if the decide to make it cannon. Would be kinda cool to see a gay character who's sexuality isn't his defining feature anyway.