Should i do a tier list for SC2?

Should i do a tier list for SC2???

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Hi, I was wondering if people would be interested if i made a tier list explaining who are the best characters in soul calibur 2 and give reasons why these charcters are good/bad if people are interested in knowing?

I know that their are other tier lists for SC2 out their so doing a simple google search is fine but i thought that maybe i could do one thats kinda more of an updated version as well as express my opinions and knowledge about the game to others so they could try the game out or get back into SC2. What do you guys think?
tier lists are subjective...and more often...waaaay more often, than not, incite flame-wars and derail the thread causing it to get eventually locked.

opinions and knowledge is more than welcome tho, perhaps you can give overviews to each character, I know Aris went through each character aswell the games mechanics themselves briefly...around 10-20 mins each, complete with video footage.

perhaps you could go into a bit more detail with each character:
  • Pros and Cons
  • playstyle
  • tools at the characters disposal
  • more important tools
  • combos and setups/mixups
  • oki game
  • matchups