Siegfried SCH k(BE) Back Throw Reset


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yes i know it's a side throw but it's the only video i could find and pyrrha has fucked up hurtboxes

Siegfried has Back Throw resets off of 3(B) ~ SCH k(BE).

There are multiple timings for hitting SCH k(BE) post 3(B), and the one needed for these resets is the timing earlier than what is required for the ground pick-up. You’ll know it’s the right timing when they land on their head instead of on their back or stomach. You want to time your throw or 3(B) attempt to where you are pressing A+G, B+G, or 3(B) the instant their head hits the ground. The timing is more or less character dependent, but the variance isn’t that large for most characters. The difference is most noticeable between (for example) Astaroth and Pyrrha, and the difference is negligible between (for example) Mitsurugi and Ezio.

3(B) ~ SCH k(BE) ~ 3(B)* - 74 damage / 0.5 meter
3(B) ~ SCH k(BE) ~ Back Throw - 124 damage / 0.5 meter
3(B) ~ SCH k(BE) ~ 3(B) ~ SCH k(BE) ~ JagA - 132 damage / 1.0 meter

*Ground hit, for rollers and sleepers

On characters in BT, this works a little differently. Instead of a Back Throw, you get a Front Throw, which is way less juicy in terms of reward, and also escapable.

This thing is stage dependent. I assume this is because certain stages have different "ceilings" which might limit how far SCH k(BE) can launch them.


Unknown Forest* (Raphael, Viola)
Denever Castle (Nightmare, Pyrrha Ω)
Tranquil Wasteland (Tira)
Last Rites on the Battlefield (Hilde)
Mt. Fuji the Holy: Hidden Dragon (Yoshimitsu)
Cavern of Light and Darkness (Aeon)
The Adrian (Cervantes)
Astral Chaos (Ezio)
Astral Chaos: Pathway (α Patroklos)
Tower of Glory: Most Holy Dichotomy (Algol)
Tower of Glory: Spiral of Good and Evil (Edgemaster)
Fu-Ma No Sato: Mechanical Spider (Natsu)
Torture Chamber (Voldo)
House of Valentine’s Prague Residence (Ivy)
Luoyang: Grand Festival of Guandi Temple (Leixia)
Utopia of the Blessed (Elysium)
Shrine of the Snake God Palgaea (Astaroth)
Penitentiary of Destiny (Kilik)

*Gives Right Side Throw attempt instead of Back Throw


Ancient Citadel (Siegfried, Z.W.E.I.)
Free Imperial City Center (Patroklos)
Free Imperial City: Old Quarter (Pyrrha)
Conqueror’s Coliseum (Xiba)
Conqueror’s Colisem: Underground Fight (Mitsurugi)
Sinking Merchant Ship (Maxi)
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Can't wait to use this at the next SC5 major

I was saving this for "the next major" and then forgot to post about it before I went off to the Air Force. This is more for posterity's sake than anything, but you never know. There might be a similar situation in SC6 that could give a reset like this, so I'd say it's worth posting just to put some tech ideas in people's minds.