Siegfried Skill Project / Tutorial Video Thread

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Just to keep useful resources separate from open match discussions and reviews, i've decided to make a separate thread for skill projects and tutorials. For the purpose of keeping things tidy, this thread will be locked, but if you have a video you would like to submit, feel free to post it in the normal video thread, then PM either Jian or myself and ask us to move the video into this thread. We'd be more than happy to add your video to this thread. IF I DO NOT STICKY YOUR VIDEO WITHIN A FEW DAYS TIME, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO PM ME!!! AS I DONT ALWAYS HAVE TIME TO CHECK EVERYTHING ON THE BOARDS ^^

The following are examples of "valid" videos to submit to this thread:

  • Skill Projects
  • Combo Videos
  • Character Tutorials
  • Move Study Compilations
  • Matchup Video Tutorials
  • ect.
I look forward to seeing a lot of solid discoveries and meaty visual resources from you guys!
And when Pyrrha uses her 66B BE too carelessly.... Quickstep into 2_8B+K to her right. I did some retesting and SCH B does not seem to be guaranteed. SCH K (and by consequence SCH K BE) are, though. A harder but more viable alternative would be to learn to JG the move. If Pyrrha can not freely throw that move out anymore, her pressure and damage potential take a huge hit.

EDIT: Also, you can just easily buffer 66B and take your free 44dmg for no meter. :P

I also find that 22BB punishes Py's 66bA+B+K for 58 damage. 88BB whiffs. Step to the right. jGing this move is also pretty easy. I find I get hit by the move mostly on the ground. Her wake-up is pretty nasty. O_o

Also, I revised my Stances vid today. Old one is gone.

Not open for further replies.