Soul Blade/Soulcalibur Edge of Soul Opening Remake


[03] Disciple
I put together a little fan remake of the original Soul Blade Intro as a way to celebrate the upcoming release of 6. Not completely satisfied with the way it turned out, but not really sure how else to change it, so feedback is welcome. I will probably end up re-editing it and re-uploading it again sometime in the future, probably after 6 is released so that I can use clips from that game too. This is my first attempt at something like this and the quality isn't the best because I couldn't really find HD videos of the older games, so I did what I could.

That was very nicely done. I enjoyed the edit work you did. I see what you did with the matching sequences. It really reminded me of
the original clips of the Soul Blade game. XD No worries on the visual quality. I personally think it looks pretty good. I feel ya. When I did my first fan video back in college, the quality wasn't at it's best either. I did what could too. I'm not tech savvy. But hey, I'm sure it was a fun project for you to put together. I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing this. Great timing with the soundtrack cues and clips. It's certainly a nice modern take on the classic game that started it all. XD ^^