Soul Calibur Cast Edits (PS5 Edition)

Thank you so much 😁 i actually used to have a lot of designs for sophitia, but ended up scrapping most of them. the one above is the only one i like at the moment. I'm trying my best to post more, but i'm so lazy now lol
Tell me about it: I still have a couple dozen finished, and I can't even seem to find the time to share them in simple posts, even though I've recently taken to mostly just posting one or two per character, as opposed to the small galleries I used to upload for each new addition, including variations on the design and various different types of shots. But we're the last ones standing, and so (although I enjoy seeing your stuff and definitely don't want to discourage you from posting regularly) I think it is safe to say that it's understandable if we aren't feeling that much pressure (to cough up the goods, so to speak). :)

I really like that Ivy, btw. I wish there was a variation on that cape that kept basically the same collar/cowl configuration, but was longer and wider in the back. Although actually, the short version works on this one surprisingly well--I think because of the lower coattails giving a sense of continuity? I'm trying to figure out how you arranged the stickers on the front of the coat. This is always something you are known to be especially good at, of course, but it really works for this design, imo. I also like the subtle use of ExEq objects and the waist piece to add extra gold/adornment accents. Overall, it's just a really clever combination of elements that look very intuitive and consistent. The only (very small) detail that kind of breaks the immersion is the pixelated edges of the white 'V' pattern on the coat. But it wouldn't be a SCVI design if there wasn't one little thing thumbing you in the eye over your design, amiright?

I hope SoulCalibur VII will be announced soon!
yeah, i hope a new SC gets announced as well.
Maybe I'm just being an anhedonic spoiler by saying as much (when there's only a few of us still sporadically and infrequently talking these days, but...

Alas, I think it's going to be at least two years before an announcment and I hope another year and half after that before there's a release. I say "I hope" because I'm really wishing for a fuller development cycle this time around. Both SCV and SCVI were potentially great games that were, in their own ways, just a little underbaked in terms of what is expected from a good, fulsome Soulcalibur experience. I'm really hoping (arguably against hope) for something of a return to form for the next title. But considering all the relevant production factors that Project Soul games face, the current timeline with other Namco fighter properties, and past experience, I definetly think we're looking at 2007 and later. Possibly much later. :(
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