Soul Calibur Concept Fanart Thread


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So I thought it would be a pretty cool idea to have a thread where fans can post their costume designs / concept art of our faves, especially with SCVI coming up. Feel free to reply to this thread with your own!


First up from me, Sophitia's headstrong sibling, Cassandra. Nothing too groundbreaking here, most of it is salvaged from her SCIII outfits.

The most notable change is the colour palette. I swapped the blue, which I associate more with Sophie, to something more unique to Cassandra. Her Nemea Shield is pink, so I went for pink. It's a nice juxtaposition to her tomboyish personality.

You'll notice that she doesn't have a sword, and that her shield is on the wrong arm. That was intentional.

I always thought Cassandra was more hands on, so I put her shield on her dominant arm, and gave her a knuckleduster on her left hand. Her moves would mostly stay the same, with the shield acting as the 'sword' with the slashing movements, and her knuckleduster being used like her old shield for bludgeoning. (gotta love a girl that takes no bs and can just punch someone in the face). She'd be mostly close range, but can throw her shield from a distance like her Meteor Shower throw.

Her knuckleduster is more like a gauntlet, like this, but I didn't do it much justice lol. Armour isn't my strong point haha.

I'm working on SCVI Mina, which hopefully I'll upload soon~
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Just some quick uncoloured doodles of Cassie (with some slight alterations!)

- Portrait
- Rage mode activated!!!
- The back view of the outfit
- Battle pose
- Digamma Fist and Nemea Shield



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As promised, here's some concept art for my favourite SC girl!

A few inspirations here. The top is from her SCIV P1 but with elbow-length sleeves, and the shoulder pad is from her SCIV P2. The belt of the skirt is from her SCIII outfit. The bandage-like details and headband was inspired by her Soul Blade outfit.

Most notable difference is the number of skirt splits. Wanted her to have a bit more of a traditional hanbok-esque skirt but with armour break qualities lol. The segments on her hips break off, leaving the front and back segments.

I added a little feather-like accent to her Scarlet Thunder since traditional Korean woldos have similar tassels attached to them.

Even after colouring it, I still like the line art a little better for some reason....

I want to try Setsuka next but yikes that might be a bit of a challenge. Always struggled with geisha hair lol. Might do a male character instead... Any suggestions?

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awesome snip
another awesome snip
Holy shit these are incredible!!! I'm in love with all of these sjdkfhsd. I love the detailing of Ivy's snake suit (and her long hair!!! this actually need to be a thing).

Tira's Black Swan-esque outfit is also amazing?? I have a weakness for black and gold outfits. Also Amy's Musketeer outfit, it really suits her~

You've inspired me to draw Tira next tbh. It's been a while since I've drawn a villain ;v; :sc4tir1:

( On a side note, I adore how you shade/highlight. You capture glossy textures so well! )


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sdkjfhdskjfhkjsdf I'm dying for Mina to be announced for SCVI so fuck it, I attempted to draw her in the SCVI art style? The costume is a slightly altered version of my earlier post~

I've still got a long way to go with digital art so forgive me if there's any mistakes! But considering I don't have a tablet (just my crappy laptop trackpad lol) I think I did okay lol

seong mina scvi concept art v2.png

( Credits to this awesome dude for the background and this awesome girl for the pose reference. )