Soul Calibur II HD Online PC Rom?

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Was curious if anybody has information on this?

I know the dolphin rom exists, but to my knowledge, that is the Nintendo Cube version of SC II.

I prefer the HDO version since it unifies the XBOX & PS2 exclusive characters. I've searched Google, and thus far, nada for Xbox 360 or PS3 Soul Calibur II HDO pc rom.

Thought I'd seek help here with the community. If anybody knows something, please share. I really want SC II HDO installed on my mobile device so I can have it on the go. Thanks.
I highly doubt this will appear now. I know the different system versions are out there, but this version won't appear for a while.
This is a PS3 or 360 release. No android device can emulate that. This also smells wrong. If you want it, go buy it.
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