Soul Calibur II HDO & Original SC II Tournament & Highplay Videos Youtube Playlist


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I've been scouring Youtube for the best Tournaments /and or/ high play matches for Soul Calibur II HDO or Soul Calibur II original version.

I did not add - grainy hard to make out footage. The old footage in the playlist, at the very least have near good quality. I watch these on my 80' VIZIO TV. So, I definitely cannot watch crappy footage - way too much pixel tearing as it stretches to fit my screen.

If you guys find some good ones not in the list. Link them and I'll add.

Enjoy fellas!

I hope the new SCVI pulls in many of the great fighting mechanics from SCII (step guard for one)

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At NEC 2013, Dreamkiller heard some change ringing around in my pockets and challenged me for all $3 worth of it!

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