Soul Calibur Notation


[09] Warrior
Bare with me. This is only my third post on this site. When I got here I looked up a few combos and thought . o O ( This is a very different kind of shorthand than other fighters. I guess when a button's labeled "B" you can't use the same to mean "back". It's not as silly as jab, strong, fierce, short, straight, roundhouse...).

So, off I went to find the thread with the Notation for all those who don't yet understand it. I looked and looked. Surely it must be in the New player arena. It surely wasn't. So, a quick google search and I found a notation guide on another site. A few tidbits linger here and there on this site.

This is what I have so far [and what I wish was here when I got here]. If you see something that needs to be added let me know and I'll edit this post [So that whomever views this only needs to read the first few post.]

The basics

A = Horizontal attack (defaulted as A, X, and square for GameCube, X-box [and 360] and PS2 [and 3])
B = Vertical attack (Default Y and Triangle [HAHA, see what I did there, it's Y on both systems, clever guy])
K = Kick (Default X [GCN] B [XB] and Circle)
G = Guard (Default B [GCN] A [XB] and X [PS])

Combinations. AB means press A, then press B. A+B means press them both at the same time.


For someone new, this might look confusing as hell. If you figure it out on your own pat yourself on the back and say good job. Look at the above numbers or, if you have one, the number pad on your keyboard [do NOT look at a phone. Phones wont help you].

This notation always assumes you're facing right.
4 = back
2 = down
6 = forward
8 = up
1 = down and back
3 = down and forward
7 = up and back
9 = up and forward
5 = neutral position [no input]

236 is a quarter circle motion that goes from down and ends at forward [qcf, if you play streetfighter].
Doubles, in most [but not all] cases can be replaced by simply holding the button long enough to run. An underscore ( _ ) means either or will work.
e.g. 33_99B can be performed by double tapping forward/down or forward/up and then B. It's a safe bet that it can also be performed by simply holding either of those directions

Also If you see a number after a button press, press the direction shortly after you press the button.
e.g. B6 means press B, then press forward afterwards. While 6B means press forward then press B.

Other terms
WC = while crouching
WS = While standing
WR = While running [correct this if it's wrong... does it mean while rising?]
WL = While landing
RO = Ring out
AT = Attack throw [an attack that becomes a throw if it hits. Unlike a throw it can be blocked]
CH = Counter hit [when you hit an opponent who's attacking. Does more damage and will add effects to some moves e.g. Tira's B while rising in SC3 and SCIV has an added effect if it's a counter.]
BT = Back turned [don't get stabbed in it!!!]


Tech trap.
Also known as a frame trap. This is a move or tactic that leaves you at an advantage. So, to explain better you need know about frames and what an advantage is. In SC [Soul Calibur] there are 60 frames every second [like a really fluid cartoon.]. If an attack takes 30 frames it means it takes half a second. An advantage means you're able to act before your opponent can act. So, an attack or tactic that causes your opponent to have to wait more frames than you [lets just say 35 frames for them and 7 for you] before they can act [do anything, attack, move, block].
[please give me a few examples to put here, my minds drawing a blank at the moment]

GI Guard Impact
Pressing 1_4_3_6G [SCII-IV] or 6ABK [SCV] does a parry. low or high, forward or back. This puts you at a frame advantage. GI's must be done as your opponent is attacking close enough to the time the attack would hit you.

JI Just Impact
When you time a Guard impact at the exact moment of an attack. It gives you more of a frame advantage then you would have from normally doing a guard impact and your next move is a counter hit.

JF Just Frame
Some attacks have specific timing [Setsuka/Alpha Patrokolos have many of these] where you have a smaller window to press the input than normal. Tira 4BBB in gloomy side wont work unless you press B at the correct moment [usually the correct moment is upon impact on your opponent].

BE Brave Edge
This is in SCV. If you've played Streetfighter 3 or 4 think of Ex moves. Each character has a few attacks that can have added effect [usually more damage and they set you up to perform combos] by pressing A+B+K after the attack. It uses 25% of your meter.

CE Critical Edge
This is what namco ripped from streetfi... This is a powerful attack that every character has. It can be performed by pressing 236236A+B+K with any character. It takes 50% of your meter.

Anything else that needs to be here, let me know and I'll edit it when I have the time.