SoulCalibur 3 prototype released ! (04.10.2005 build)


[14] Master
Strange upon boot, the default opening video is the Chronicles of the Sword opening instead. Probably just a fallback placeholder, but interesting nonetheless. The same is true if you try and play it from the Museum. Otherwise, it mostly seems complete and much the same as the final release.

The only other oddities I noticed is that the Doppleganger enemies don’t glitch out during emulation like they do in the final build, and the Chronicles of the Sword folks who use Amy’s style aren’t completely silent like Amy is. I always found it weird that they were, but understood why at the same time. So it’s interesting that they did speak at one point in development. Amy herself is unchanged. I half expected her to have Lynette dialogue, but she did not.

The extent of my playing was the first five chapters of Chronicles of the Sword, Zasalamel’s Tales of Souls (to unlock Amy), and the Beloved mission in the Soul Arena (ditto). I really doubt there will be much more in the ways of differences, but I’ll probably keep playing to find out eventually. Thanks for sharing. I really like experiencing earlier builds of games to see this sort of thing.


[14] Master
Setsuka is even stronger in this build than the SCIII US release because ag:B can't be air controlled, does 45 DMG(34, 11) & still comboed after CH 33B.