Spacebook: The Thoughtism

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Chikara Sashimi
"Don't tell me that!"
"Who should I tell? the press? You're the one who makes these decisions."

Jim Kipling Rowlings (JK for short) ran a hand through his thinning hair. As the director of Space Interpol, a bafflingly named joint operation between multiple countries dealing with the looming space war that looked to be landing on earth's proverbial doorstep any year now, it was JK's job to suss out the signal from the noise.

The signal was now crystal clear. Dragons! Mother fucking space dragons, ridden by the enemies of the allies of the earth, and the progenitors of the human species. Hubble could see them clearly now. The red shift clearly indicating that they were moving in at FTL speeds from the galactic rim.

He looked at the surveillance footage once again:

The Kamphelon mothership was no match for these space dragons. He would have to call the president, and inform the UN of the situation. He feared the pending Chinese veto.

Meanwhile, on Dabros, Fennymeier was leading his people on a bold new terraforming experiment. Should it go right, his clone people could soon free themselves of their male only genetic degradation by in vitro terraformatting worlds into giant ovum capable of sparing a new Dabros capable of living in space that also had the benefit of being planet sized. A dormant Dabros like this one would be capable of parking in orbit and sustain the lives of his smaller 11 foot brethern indefinitely . A grand plan...

This was but a mere sample. Watch Amazon for the boiling debut of my new movie in book form.