Spinning Phantom Combo

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I need help on performing this combo I just can't seem to pull it off i have no clue how to time it. I remember this site had the aga for siegfried tip and how to pull that off more efficiently but that seems far easier than performing this combo. If someone could help me out on the timing and/or if there is some trick on pulling this off would be appreciated.


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Hey man, welcome to the Siegfried soul arena - to keep moves clear, we use notations here rather than names just so nobody gets confused - if you don't know the notation, I really recommend learning it.
As for your question, by 'Spinning phantom combo, I assume you mean A+Ka2AA? (The three hit version that skips the high straight into the two lows?)
Anyway, the timing is crucial for this move, I consider it almost a just frame, if it isn't technically one. While I could try to explain it, I personally find examples to be more useful than written word, so I will make a video to teach you how to do it.

On a side note - Why do we not have a Questions and Answers thread?!?! XD
I'm going to make one when I upload the video later today and put it in their for you, so we can merge all questions and make the soul arena a little tidier XD

Untill then, thread locked.
Oh, and if you have any other questions, just shoot me or Slayer_X64 a PM, we'll both be happy to help you out. =)
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