Spring season


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We all need a breath of fresh air and this season is a perfect time to enjoy nature as it is. Anyone here plans to travel and enjoy nature this time of year? I'm sure there are many ways to avoid crowded places even in this season! :)


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Was never big on this time of year and the biggest plans I have so far is a haircut as soon as is both possible and practical... Given the current state of affairs no doubt they'll be booked for about a month or two after they open at least so it's looking far more likely my hair is getting long once more but we live in hope. Also my mum's birthday is this time of year very soon so around about Easter. Here's a video of the card I made her last year which is indeed conveniently titled... Not sure what it'll be this year but this is a place called Aylesford Priory we visited what must be around about a year ago now. Tends to be a favourite so no doubt be returning there at some point soon hopefully at least.



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Cheers! Come to think of it it's a little over a year and a month since... Well let's just say I've found it's usually best just to be grateful to be able to do anything at all.

I don't usually stop to think all that much anymore, certainly not about that, at least not if it stops me doing. Which sadly most of the time it will if I let it but I played Shadow of the Tomb Raider all the way through just recently. Never really played Tomb Raider games at all before but what can I say? It's pretty good too.

Thanks again. Making the full videos is a fair amount of effort. I just like to do what I can to find ways to express things that may otherwise go unsaid. It's certainly nice when others appreciate them that way. When it's always the same stuff dressed up as different over and over it gets boring I find. Tedious if you will. It's my way of trying to break the monotony of it all. They call it art.

For me it's just trying to be.

This is a younger me with my Aunt, made it for her as a Christmas present some years back now, when she took me to visit America what will soon be 20 years ago... Can hardly believe how long that really is. I say don't let your best days be behind you. Keep going everyone!