Stone Cold vs Weeping Angels


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Brief back story, Weeping Angels are a Dr. Who villian. And Linkorz is incredibly scared of them. To the point where seeing them makes him not sleep for weeks. They look like this. They are statutes that only move when someone isn't looking at them. And when they touch them, they send that person in a time paradox where they steal their life energy.

Dr. Who and Linkorz were on a time journey where they encountered the dreaded Weeping Angels. Scared of the Weeping Angels, Dr. Who and Linkorz jumped inside Dr. Who's time machine. They began frantically pressing buttons at an alarming rate. Hoping anything they did would get them away from the scary statues as fast as possible. Their destination was 2015, in which they could hide in a college Feminist safe space. In Linkorz state of pure fear, he accidentally presses the wrong button and sends the trajectory off. Instead of going to the safe space which could have protected them from the Weeping Angels. They were transported to 1998 and in a very peculiar location.

Dr. Who and Linkorz just interrupted Stone Cold Steve Austins hell in a cell match vs the Undertaker. In the confusion, Dr. Who and Linkorz tried to run away. But Steve Austin gave Dr. Who a Stone Cold stunner and Undertaker choke slammed Linkorz. Both were out cold. And right before Steve Austin and Undertaker could continue wrestling. The Weeping Angels appeared following Dr. Whos time machine through a time slip matrix portal. Both wrestlers looked at the Weeping Angels ready to take on new challengers. Since everyone knew, once you entered the hell in the cell, it was war until the match was over.

The Undertaker, the man who controlled darkness and chaos. Looked at the Angels and rolled his eyes so they became white. The pyrotechnics crew turned the lights purple and the arena started flashing with lightning effects. What they did not know, the Weeping Angels move when no one can see them. So the flickering of the lights gave them just enough time to attack Undertaker and trap him in a time paradox.

The lights returned to normal and it was only Stone Cold vs the Weeping Angels. Normally when Dr. Who fought these statues. He was unable to break them. But the real issue was that Dr. Who was a weakling and a gay British nerd. Stone Cold Steve Austin had Texas Redneck Power. Since an audience of thousands were watching the angels, they couldn't do shit. Stone Cold took his time drinking beer after beer. Until he realized he needed to stomp a mud hole in these Angels. In one punch he knocked the head clean off one of these weak ass Angel statues. But he wasn't finished. He carried one of the angels to the top of the ring post and suplexed it into the mat. The Weeping Angel exploded into pieces. After so many of them dying because they are lame ass villians. Undertaker wakes up from his time paradox. But he wasn't ready for Stone Cold. Who was waiting with a chair.

That day, Stone Cold didn't just beat The Undertaker. But beat Linkorz, Dr. Who, and the Weeping Angels in a hell in the cell match. He forever became a legend. Dr. Who got back in his time machine with Linkorz and traveled to 2015 to find a college safe space to cry in.

FYI, this fanfic help inspire me.