Suggestions for Hilde sub-forum organization

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Seems I have mod powers over this place for now so I may as well start putting some effort into getting it set up for release.

Feel free to post any suggestions on how to make this a better sub-forum.


I have a few suggestions :)

Stickies up top, with only information:

Tech Traps/Okizeme
General Q+A (This one is an exception, allow discussion here)

Below that, allow the discussion of the stickies above, that way you can separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were.
Any other thread type that bears a sticky, go ahead and put it up. The idea being you as a mod transfer info discussed in the discussion threads into a useable easy to find form in the stickies. As we get closer, story/non gameplay content will be shunted to the casual forum, officially once I drop the SA mod rules.

I would like to petition Jaxel to make a matchups subforum like they have over at dustloop. If you are behind that, please show your support.

The SA mod guidelines should be done today, the above is just a portion of that.

Oh almost forgot, a Videos thread might be helpful as a sticky as well!


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That sounds good, also having a uniform introduction thread for each character would be good too. In fact take that one step further and have a premade skeleton build for each sticky topic of importance. Having that would go a long way to making this a less painful thing to manage. That and people trying to take up a new character will know exactly where things are.

I'm only up because I had some work to do, I'll hit you up on IRC about the SA mod guidelines later on today.
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