Suggestions For Libra Of Souls DLC Or Patches


[09] Warrior
1. Under Character Creation allow weapons to be customized in the same way they can be customized in regular CAS mode, .e.g changing colors of weapons.

2. Allow Libra of Souls characters to earn titles (similar to the those that could be earned by a character in Weapon Master Mode in SC2)

3. As part of the character profile save the win/loss ratio, or win ratio, or number of encounters, stats. Tracking Wins and Losses and other stats also have meaning to people who don't play online. Even if the Win/Losses are against the AI. I could care less how many matches I've won or lost online. I care more about matches won or loss in single player or two player modes. I care about my characters stats in Libra Of Soul Modes

4. When A player update their weapons at Bolta's Smith and their character's style has reached it max, allow players to give names to their weapons. After all that how we end up with a 'Soul Calibur', 'Soul Edge', 'God's Article', etc. It would be a nice feature to name weapons in Libra of Souls. Naming weapons is a nice feature

5. For any canonical DLC character allow their stages to appear in Libra of Souls mode

6. Allow the player to create and customize a certain number of the Mercenaries when hiring them.

7. Add legendary difficulty level to Libra Of Soul for those of us who like to play against diverse and difficult AI
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