Summer Jam 5 Official Results

Summer Jam 2011 is now over! Woahhzz from Philadelphia takes the singles event in a stunning runback against Mick in Grand Finals! Team "Nothing-Common", aka "Team lolo and 2 scrubs) takes the teams event. This was a huge tournament with a great turn out, and we're hoping that North East Championship 2011 can be even bigger on December 4/5!

Videos will be uploaded throughout the week.

SC4 Teams: (11 teams)

1: Nothing-Common (Woahhzz, Ramon, lolo)
2: Broken (Mick, RTD, thugish_pond)
3: The Three Amigos (OOFMATIC, Eli123s, Partisan)
4: MTB (MTFighter, Human Typhoon, BlackMamba)
5: Upset (LostProvidence, Hawkeye, KrayzieCD)
5: EEEHHHHH!!! (Goofus, Nightblade, Lasercakes)
7: WashedUp and Random (BrewtusBibulus, Jaxel, KidDZaster)
7: Scrubs (PhoenixIvan, ZeroEffect, Saion)
9: Hanbark (Alucard, Hanbark, OneEye)
9: Philly (FightClubHuBBs, Sporko, Malice)
9: ACHookers + Jian (Rekki, OmegaXCN, Jian)

SC4 Singles: (41 entrants)

1: Woahhzz
2: Mick
3: Thugish Pond
4: lolo
5: MTFighter
5: Fundraiser (LostProvidence)
7: Unidentified26128 (MaxxDreamkiller)
7: RTD
9: NDK
9: Partisan
9: KDZ
9: Oofmatic
13: JustKill
13: Rekki
13: Sporko
13: HumanTyphoon
17: Last Dragon
17: Lowsweep
17: Saion
17: BlackmambaMoan
17: Hawkeye
17: Eli123s
17: Sephalump
17: Ramon
25: Malice
25: Goofus
25: Bibulus
25: Hubbs
25: Gr8 ONe
25: Kikaleek
25: Syphon
25: ZeroEffect
33: Lasercakes
33: Honkey Kong
33: JRWR7
33: Jaxel
33: Jian
33: Mark
33: Patrick Jones
33: Arctic Komodo
33: OmegaXCN

Old School Vs New School:

Old School: BrewtusBibulus, KrayzieCD, MTFighter, Goofus, RTD, Jaxel, thugish_pond, Mick
New School: Partisan, MaxxDreamkiller, LostProvidence, NDK, lolo, Kikaleek, Woahhzz, Ramon

New School wins 8-7


Partisan (Cassandra) defeats Bibulus (Voldo)
Dreamkiller (Amy) defeats KrayzieCD (Mitsurugi)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats LostProvidence (Setsuka)
NDK (Voldo) defeats Goofus (Voldo)
lolo (Yoshimitsu) defeats RTD (Apprentice)
Kikaleek (Yoshimitsu) defeats Jaxel (Talim)
Woahhzz (Mitsurugi) defeats thugish_pond (Amy)
Ramon (Sophitia) defeats Mick (Xianghua)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats Partisan (Cassandra)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats Dreamkiller (Amy)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats NDK (Voldo)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats lolo (Yoshimitsu)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats Kikaleek (Yoshimitsu)
MTFighter (Xianghua) defeats Woahhzz (Mitsurugi)
Ramon (Sophitia) defeats MTFighter (Xianghua)



Well...I'm up might as well get this out of the way.

Philly - Always a pleasure. Dun really know what to say other than: Woahhzz, told you that you could and should have won. We'll do the dinner thang another time; Malice, how the fuck do you disappear so much. Much love for keeping everything lively and taking pictures. Bring more Chicago hate next time, too =); Khent, thanks for keeping that shit going after the tournament, you should help organize. More thanks for letting Chicago sleep in your room that night =p; ZeroEffect, we only had that brief conversation before you left that day and I really can't remember what we talked about but I remember thinking, "Damn, we should talk more!" and, yes, I love me some Talim. You gotta teach me some anti-Nightmare tech! =P; Sporko, your shoutout towards Hawkeye single-handedly guaranteed that we'll be at NEC, so thank you. XD Always smiling and having a ball (must've hit the cheeba before the tournament!), you totally had Chicago backing you in that fight vs. Woahhzz! =P Either way, much love for you and all of Philly for showing me love when I was still in the Army.

Partisan - Thanks for being an all-around cool guy and also recording all those matches. As for our own, I just remember thinking you picked Nightmare because you saw how well you did against my Talim with him. Either way, that was a horribad idea! I was honestly nodding my head when I saw you pick him and then we got a fully walled stage. Never drop the girl you took to prom, especially if you know her like the back of your hand. In some words I'll never forget RTD told a broken and beaten down SU, "You gotta have faith in your character, man." You're still Canada's Finest. And, please, tell them I didn't gangsta that seat! I had already had the seat and then you came and took it!

DK - You son of bitch! My V8! I needed that Do It Fluid to cause an upset and take the whole tournament! Seriously though, amazing having you anywhere. You keep shit lively. I know Malcolm and Donte were giving me advice the whole time (I probably should've listened. XD), but nothing amped me up more while I was playing Woahhzz than your shit talking! That's really the only thing I remember from the match. I heard, "Why is this match still going on!?" and thought, "FUCK YEAH!"

Krayzie - I'm starting to think that whole, "I suck" thing is a fuckin' facade to get people to underestimate you! Seriously, good shit all around (even when I thought you and Woahhzz were joyriding/crashed somewhere). Very big thanks for being on me and Donte's team, letting us think we were good enough for an SC Legend. Like I said, though, let me go first!

Mick - Talk to you all the time so you already know what I think. Telling you now that SC5 is going to be all Chicago. No one outside of Chicago's seen me when I'm on so hopefully I can unleash the beast at NEC. Other than that, good shit in the tournament. I think we're coming from the same place with being late to the tourney scene for the game but we're still trying to make due.

JustKill - Guessing you stopped playing Sets, which is tooo bad. Didn't get to talk much or even play, which is a shame. Drop that MK shit!
Idle - I swear everytime I saw you that I thought you were Goofus. Dunno why you got your hair cut! We only talked for a little bit but good to know you're well.

Saion - Had fun playing you in casuals and will hopefully will see you at NEC. Just stop blocking so much and be more proactive in your defense and you'll do much better.

JR - You're pretty funny and lively, but you need to calm down when you play! I swear you were beet red when you were getting angry. Regardless, you say some of the funniest shit when you're angry. Remember, though, even if you lose in the game, you're going home to a beautiful woman and that always counts for something.

NDK - You gotta fuckin' talk more, bro! I swear you say some funny shit when you speak up but you rarely do! And, just gotta note that, when you and Goofus had that Voldo mirror, I was totally imagining you two oil wrestling the whole fuckin' time for some reason...which made it all the sweeter/funnier when you won.

OmegaXCN - Some of your technical knowledge is a bit rough around the edges, but you definitely did the commentary justice. I didn't know what the hell you were saying from across the room half the time but your enthusiam and demeanor made me want to listen. Hopefully, you'll be one of our designated mic men.

Eli - Thanks for the games and the compliments. I definitely would have just gotten bodied by Woahhzz again even worse if you didn't give me those casuals, so...thanks for helping me to not COMPLETELY embarress myself. =D

GreatOne - Words can't do you enough justice. You did an unbelievable lot for this event and, really, I don't think it'd been the shit without you having your hands in things. You kept shit together and took care of a lot of folks. Never change, bro.

Ohhh yeah! Static! Almost forgot! Just wanted to say that I used to be pretty shy/quiet (still actually pretty reserved when I want to be) until I hit about the sixth grade. Come down and play and talk with everyone next time! There's no reason to be shy! Remember - you're taller than most of them!

Other than that...I guess top 8 at my second tournament isn't so bad. Will see you all at NEC for sure. Hopefully, see some of you at Dev. And, like I said before, I'm fucking errbody up come SC5.
I guess I should do my shout out and it will be long.

First I got to say a big thank you to Arctickomodo and Static for letting us stay with them and for driving to and from the station.

Arctic- We did get to play at all in SC but we did play MK. I hope for the next we will get to play. Anyway I hope we weren't to much of a bother, cause I know you wanted to leave on Sunday. Also you got a badass car and nice music. If your in Toronto come play some SC with us.

Static- Good to finally meet you and glad that we got to play alot. You definitely have skill, and I really wished you would have joined the Tournament. You play really solid and during the later matches we had it became intense, it was like I was fighting myself. Hope you can one day come to Toronto so we can play more, don't worry about housing the Canadian will have that covered.

Got to say some quick stuff to my fellow Canadiains

Oof- Thanks for letting us stay at your place. Also thanks for always trying to help me and give me tip/advice, even when I play. I am very grateful for that, and I feel guilty that I can't do the same. But I going to find a way to owe you.

Partisan- Excellent job at the tourney. You beat me. I hope you had a really good time, and that your more comfortable in a tourney environment. Now prepare for TTT I am gunning for you.

Page-I miss judge you, your gangster.

Kana- Thanks for lets us stay in your room after the tourney was done.

Also a very Sepcial Shout out to Ring
Ring- You have really help me alot in this tournament and many others. In this one I didn't do so well, it was just bad day I guess. But thanks man, for everything. I am going to take my mistake and correct what has to be corrected. Anyway Ring, I really hope that one day I can meet up with you and we can play this game.

Now on to everyone else.

Woahhzz- Congrats, your luck started to turn after you faced me, so I believe I dersive some credit. JK. Any who you know at the next one I will defeat you. Now when we play casuals I am at least keep up you you. Also that for the Yoshi tip it really helped alot. Woaahhzz come to Toronto one day god dammit you scrub.

Ramon- I can't believe you forgot to write me a shutout, and then just wrote one line...But anyway dude you know I am better, I would have beat you if I grab more, but I knew you cry so I didn't want to. But watch out next time. Also thanks for all the story, dam it was so funny. This was one of the best time I had in a lot time. Ramon you always make it worth coming down to the states come to Toronto you scrub.

Greatone- Dam you are one of my favorites. I love the story you tell, the passion you put in to the story. I don't think I ever laugh as hard. But also GO I got alot of respect for you dude. I hope you can make it to Canada one of these day, cause we still have to play.

DK- Lol when I first saw you I thought someone took a dump on your head but then I realized that it was your hair. I kid I kid, but seriously when I first saw you I was going WTF in the back of my mind. Don't worry your still cool. Also lol at the "Eli at night" I swear if I don't get some sleep I am like a different person.

Lolo- Glad I was able to meet you and play alot of game with you. I learn so much from playing you. I hope I somewhat challenging for you. Always I really hope to play you again some day, and I hope for SC5 and you and some of your SC friend can come to a Canadian tournament.

RTD- Glad we played and even more glad we got to talk.You gave me some of the best advice at summer jam, especially about my play style, even I didn't know how to describe it, but you make it clear. I am going to adjust my style now that I have a better understanding. Thank you, hope you can make it to Canada one day.

Mick-Again same with you thanks for the advice, I glad we play some matches, I wish I could have played more with you. Sorry about the recording that match you had with Lolo towards the end I was getting really tired.

Kikaleek- Your one of the coolext people there, we have to play more at the next one.

Chicago crew
LP- You really impressed me, I like your rush down Setsuka so flashy. But I am still better than you. Come to Toronto you Scrub.

Hawkeye- Dam wtf, your Taki is so different, dam I wasn't expecting any of that. I'm going to get you for this. I like you dude, but I am going to make you suffer for that. All kidding aside your a really good player I want you to come to Toronto you SCRUB.

Sephalum- Very cool to have meet you, you play like Franman but less like a robot I like that, come to Toronto man your a very good player. Keep it up. Also I think your a good mod just don't go of the deep end like some others on this fourm.

HT- Your a funny dude, anyway what happen to Setsuka? Well glad we play and talk and stuff. If your in Toronto and want to play some SC hit us up.

Thuggish- Your a funny guy too, we still for to play next time. I guess FT5 for orange soda. If your able to you should try to make it to the Toronto tournament.

KrayzieCD- You are also one of my favorite people that I have meet. I really wished I could play you more. Also just for that maxi match, I am really lost playing against him. I need to understand that character more before I can play properly against him. So I wasn't trolling or tea bagging I just didn't know what to really do so I did whatever, to see what works.

NDK- I wish we would have played more, your strong keep it up.

Jain- Very cool we got to talk. Also I though you were a student, you don't look old at all.

Idle- Cool meeting up with you and talking. I like your tell it as it is attitude. Not many people have the balls things because they're afraid of "negativity". I am glad we have someone in the community saying what need to be said, and doing it in a proper fashion. I just hope you don't get a brain tumor in the process. I hope one day you and your crew can come up to Canada for some SC.

Khent- Thanks for letting us stay in your room.

Malice- We didn't get to play much at all. NEC we must play.

Rekkie- Good game man, hope to see and play you again some time in the future.

JRW- Omg so much raging. Like alway good games man.

Zero-To you also good game. Yea Ivy suck.

Saion- We good mina. Thanks for the sandwich and drink. And MK was fun.

Sporko- We have to play and talk next time, just so much other thing distracted me. But for sure your one the people I really want to play against.

Bibulus- Bibulus all I can say is sorry we played on the the pre-patch version of SC4.

Hubbs- Thanks for organizing this Tournament it was great. But Canada>American :P

I know there are more, but am I out. To the rest I say Good Games, and next time we'll talk and play more SC

I guess the last thing I want to comment on is what make this community so great, is not just the game, but the communication. During this tournament I probolly spent the most just talking with people and laughing with them than any other tournament I've been too. The community is to tight and close, as Oof said like a family. I really hope that more people join these SC tournament and share in the experience, it just one of the best thing I have experienced. The communication in this community will always make you feel welcome.

I will be adding picture soon.
RTD - Yo, we got this at NEC. lol Lets repeat history haha <3 Miss ya smooth talker.
Eli - Haha finally a good joke eh? lol Had mad fun with you. And yes, U after dark is awesome. PS - GIVE ME THE PICTURE!
LP - Yes homie i do owe u some V8 haha. But no matches, Im scared of ur Silver Mo-i mean Sets lol It was great having u around. Come back for NEC so I continue the insults ^_^ PS - Omg YOU got higher than ME *jumps off roof*
Hey, so I've had this idea for a future team tournament, to make them more exciting. Random team selection. The team members could be selected at random somehow so that the top players don't all gather together on one team; leaving the worst players to have to be paired up with little hope of success.

Just a suggestion, shake things up some.
^ That will actually make the Teams interesting. Main reason I dont enter Teams is because 1 - Its boring and 2 - its 3v3. Complete waste of time imo, we could be playing SC1, 2, 3 or all of them in the time we do Teams.
^ That will actually make the Teams interesting. Main reason I dont enter Teams is because 1 - Its boring and 2 - its 3v3. Complete waste of time imo, we could be playing SC1, 2, 3 or all of them in the time we do Teams.
I just got 10% more gay for you reading this post. I thought I was the only one who looked at teams as a format and said "what a fucking waste of time".
Teams is only a waste of time when people try to form the most brokest team possible in order to win. I would rather just do away with the 3 on 3 next time and just have a regional team tournament so it isn't just lolo and two hoes winning the tournament. But I'm sure that things would stay the same come next tournament.

And maybe that time could have been spent playing SC1, 2, or 3, but there's not much interest in the older games and when people want to play as many people as possible in SC4. I rather have that time devoted to casuals instead.