Sup I'm new here


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What's up, my name is BlxckJxckVII (you can just call me Black Jack or Jack). Just want to take the time to introduce myself for a second.

I've been playing fighting games (mostly Tekken and MK) since I was really young (like 5 y.o. maybe). I am a huge TEKKEN & SoulCalibur (Namco fan in general) fan and enjoy both series greatly. I didn't get to play SC4 or SC5, but I still love the series a lot and want to support it as much as possible with SC6 and beyond. I currently main Mitsurugi for SC6. I did use to only main Yoshi in for a while, but I choose Mitsu as a main because he fits my versatile playstyle. I still play Yoshi and picked up 2B because they're characters to play from time to time. Outside of gaming, I am a college student getting an Associates of Applied Science degree in Visual Communications. I am close to graduating; I graduate in 2020. I've also started freelancing early last year and I'm available for commissions.
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