Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


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Lady Shinobu

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This is a good brawl to end them all! Super Smash Bros. series is a game series I have played since 2005 and it is the best fighting game series ever! I was glad to see my two favorite characters from Smash 4, Rosalina and Bayonetta, back for more action. Though Peach has been my main since I started playing Melee. But Daisy appearing as a Peach clone was quite the surprise. Fourth main incoming!

With a roster bigger than even Tekken Tag Tournament 2, I cannot wait to throw a Pokemon Battle Tournament when I get my hands on this game!

Sayonara :sc3set1:


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Joker from Persona 5 is coming to Smash.

One wonders if he'll have his Dream Needle special. It'd make him the second character to ever be able to put someone to sleep.


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Game is super easy to understand. You have two attack buttons. Normal and Special. You have four Normal ground attacks. Neutral, Up, Down and Side. In the air, you have five normas. Neutral, Foward, Back, Up, Down. You have four specials regardless of which character you play. Neutral, Side, Up and Down.

To guard, you press a shoulder button. To roll, hold the shoulder button and press left or right. To do a spot dodge in place, press down while holding the guard button. To do a parry, release the guard button just as an attack is about to hit.

Smash Attacks are one of the main keys to scoring victory and they do a ton of damage, but aren't always necessary to knock an opponent out of the ring. Smash Attacks can only be done on the ground. To Smash, press a direction and the normal attack button at the same time. You can hold a smash attack by holding the attack button to charge it up. You cannot cancel a Smash attack, however.

Jumping is also easy. You can either press Up or press a designated jump button. All characters have a double jump. Some characters have more. The height of a jump depends on the character and the length of time which the button is pressed.