Tactical use of UB cancel


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What is the best time or in what situation should I use 44B,G ? (and maybe 44B,G,A) I have been watching a couple of videos of better players than myself and have seen that quite a few use it. I have been trying to add this to my game but i still don't understand when I should be using it. Is it just a Mind game?? or am I trying to trick the player into falling for 44B?


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The point of canceling in general is either to get the opponent to flinch(like do something risky/make an unspecified, irrelevant reaction) or to desensitize them to the start up(so they react off-time/slower/freeze when they see the real thing or do something else). The more apparent(and threatening) the motion, the more likely to achieve the desired effect.

In 44Bs case specifically, 44B is a long range move that deals good damage and is very safe on block, does a lot of block damage, pushes back while forcing crouch. One possible use of this is as a spacing tool. The major problem is it's linear and slow enough to where an opponent can sidestep in response to seeing you "start doing something". At the ranges the move is most useful, asta's ability to beat step is limited (A+B can be guarded out of step as an example). What canceling 44B(and varying charge timings) does for you in this situation is reduce the likelihood that you will get your 44B stepped and possibly trick them into sidestepping so you can reposition/hit their guard with a + on block move or what have you.

A more general use for 44B cancel is that the motion, both huge and flaming, is more likely to create freezes before a potential mix-up than your standard Ag, Bg, Kg, especially since asta's don't look very impressive.

An unrelated use of 44Bg is that since it recovers crouching, it can be used as a short-cut to FC/WR moves from standing. It doesn't really do a better job of this than just pressing 2G, but it might be easier for some people(and has somewhat less strict timing on the FC/WR move input)

I don't know how helpful that is to you and there are probably more uses than the ones I mentioned.

[edit] also you can use 44B cancel to fake any other chargable UB to create inappropriate reactions i.e. make opponents ground rolling counter-clockwise stand thinking it's a 3_33B into a grab or w/e(some players will stand regardless of which direction they were rolling)


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The above pretty much covers it. You could also bait your opponent to attack if you feel they'll either do a unsafe move (due to the range) or one slow enough you can cancel and still have time to interrupt. Not really a game plan you wanna go with, but it's there.


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another use is to move Astaroth's hit box slightly . meaning a lot of moves that would have hit him normally will not. so if you stay just barely in reach of your stupid opponent you can give them a lot of false options. His lower hit box is altered the most when is his foot is up but not by too much compared to his mid and high. those JF throws sure do come out nice from cancels.


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I've managed to utilize 44bG the most effectively with the Command~B grab or 22K(GSTN), after which 44{B} is a partial tech trap, if I see the opponent tech, I can cancel into WR A or Bullrush etc... But I do feel 44B is better during wake-up because of how Suirad mentioned it's steppable... If 44bG is less safe than an actual cancel? I don't know the exact data yet... Canceling into a move that catches step is wise...