Taki's Poison Dart in SC2


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I apologize for posting a thread about SC2 in the general Soulcalibur Tactics thread. I posted here because there is very little activity in SC2 Taki Soul Arena part of the Forums. I also apologize if everyone already knows about this. ^^

Poison dart makes playing Taki in SC2 so much fun because you can use it quite frequently (and she yells). Poison dart is crouching 1A+B. Normally, when the opponent is downed, poison dart misses. But when the opponent just hits the ground and you use poison dart immediately, then poison dart should hit. In some cases it's because it takes time to the opponent to settle into the ground---their body is sticking up off the ground a little bit before they settle into the ground.

Ok here are the combos:

1) 4B+K -> crouching 1A+B -> while rising B, B (~81 damage)
Dino's famous bomb followed by poison dart can perform a lot of damage in SC2.

2) 88B -> crouching 1A+B -> while rising B, B (~91 damage)

3) 3B -> crouching 1A+B -> while rising B, B (77 - 79 damage)

4) Possession B -> crouching 1A+B -> while rising B, B (~87 - 90 damage)

5) 88K -> crouching 1A+B -> while rising B, B (92 damage)

I don't know if poison dart lifts Taki from high-mid tier to top tier. But it is powerful since you can stack a lot of damage from fairly fast moves. I don't yet know how effective combos with poison dart is against a moving, breathing opponent is---TRY IT :D! Also try investigating new combos with poison dart. It's a lot of fun. ^^


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So poison dart is supposedly a surprise technique that hits enemy at a rapid speed.

The problem with the technique is trying to get the muscle memory to do it and instinct of when to use it. Because it requires croucing stance and simultanous button press, even players who are experienced enough to beat the Weapon Master mode by forget it and overlook it for techniques easier to execute by instinct.

Even memorizing the technique to at least make it one of the primary attacks in-gameplay, it will take quite a bit of experience to memorize when to time it. Thats just my experience using the move.

So its basically Taki's gateway to juggling combos?


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is stuff like 88B into Poisen dart really better than 88B B[K] 66K? At least thats the Bnb we use. and it gives good wakeup.


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Thank you for all your comments. And I really should get a profile picture.

BarkeyForeman, sing poison dart may require practice but we can do it. Just like Ivy's command throws, it's worth learning and mastering because of the heavy damage. Use your eyes in order to perform poison dart right when the opponent starts to settle into the ground. For most combos you perform poison dart right when the opponent hits the ground. But after 4B+K, its a little trickier; you need to perform poison dart right when your opponent stops moving on the floor, if I remember correctly. My memory may be faulty.

kAb, wooooooooo!!!

Docvizzo, I'm not an experienced Taki player yet so I'll learn that combo. How much damage does that combo do and is it possible to air control out of it?

Edit: Hi BarkeyForeman. I see your point. If we are playing online with the lag, then it's harder to use poison dart combos---we'll need to memorize when the opponent will hit the ground and trust on our muscle memory. It will be hard. But when playing offline, it's easier.
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