[14] Master
Tales of Xillia came out today (in Japan), and Famitsu gave it a 39/40 (10/9/10/10), which has recently made it the highest rated Tales game, surpassing the stellar (and soon to be coming to the US/EUR) Graces f. Also, the PS3 version is the most pre-ordered Tales game to date, and theoretically has sold near the equivalent of Tales of Vesperia for 360, and about half that of the PS3 version.

So, anyone else interested in this new Tales installment? I know I'm ready to take Jude and storm through the story with his lightning fists, lol. (you must wonder why I didn't take Milla; it's simply because Tales veteran Senel has a place in my young heart)


[09] Warrior
Oh yeah totally I'm so interested in this its great you know its just awesome to hear a great series released a new game and I cant play it cause its not out in all territories cool story bro


[13] Hero
I hope with its success in Japan we will get a NA release. Im encouraging all my friends with PS3 to by Tales of Graces f just to show support for the series.


[09] Warrior
Graces F was fun but the game felt very experimental.. finished it though.

Playing through Xillia now, so far I like it a lot. The link system gets really wacky if you're playing multiplayer though.