The Completed Soul Edge would have destroyed itself without a proper vessel.


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So contrary to popular belief (at least back in the day), SCIV Nightmare wasn't fully restored. Of course, that's fairly common knowledge nowadays.

But what you probably didn't know (or maybe that you didn't think of) is the fact that if Nightmare in SCIV would have taken back his remaining shards from Maxi, Taki, Sophitia and Astaroth, it would not have completed Soul Edge. At least the way Inferno would have wanted.

This goes back to SCIII, where we learn that the body Zasalamel created for Inferno was very unstable. As a result, Inferno's priority wasn't just to get back to Soul Edge, but to repossess Siegfried.
-"This time I shall take my body back!"

I know what you're thinking: But Inferno became more manifested in the body created for him.

That's true, however that too wasn't enough. Even after Nightmare sank his roots into Ostrheinsburg, that still wasn't enough. In Tira's ending, (I like to think of the endings as seperate timelines, depending on wether or not Algol brough out his Tower from the Astral Chaos.) Nightmare's body reached it's breaking point, no longer able to withstand the power he had gained earlier after becoming almost whole.

In fact, I'd say that the opening for SCV displayed the fact that Nightmare was still aware of his limits during the events of SCIV. Rather than going after Astaroth, Taki, Sophitia and Maxi, he opens the gate to the Astral Chaos seemingly for no reason (I never really understood why Pyrrha did the same in SCV.)

However, I think I know why he did just that. The reason is the fact that in the Astral Chaos, both Inferno and Elysium reside simultaneously while they're in the real world. After all, where can you go to ensure you don't die from becoming to powerful, other than where half of your soul already is?

Also, I just want to bring this up: Night Terror. Oh boy, everyone's favorite dragon has been doing my head in for ages at this point. However, I think I can say that I've reached the conclusion that a completed Soul Edge would not have resulted in Night Terror.

Why? For one, his character profile says that he was created (Or rather, would have been) if Soul Edge and Soul Calibur entered Nightmare's body as opposed to Zasalamel (Which also didn't happen, making Abyss non canon)
Secondly, even though his own weapon is labeled as the completed Soul Edge, he can still be fought by Taki, Sophitia, Maxi and Astaroth, as well as Cervantes who had his own Soul Edge which he created from fusing a couple of shards together.

Aside from that, his sword looks different than the previous completed Soul Edge we saw in SCII.

So to sum this up: SCIV Nightmare would have eventually died from becoming too powerful, and would have accelerated the proccess if he went after his remaining shards, and the completed form of Soul Edge would not have been Night Terror.

But wait! Night Terror exists as a seperate entity in the Astral Chaos, and is apparently not even connected to Inferno at all, apparently. Well, what's to say that the two aren't connected, with Night Terror only becoming manifested in the real world if Soul Edge and Soul Calibur entered the body of Nightmare? Any Nightmare that is, wether it be Siegfried or Dumas/Raphael. Notice how when you defeat Night Terror in SCIII, you don't actually deliver a final blow. Instead, he seems to have the same thing happen to him as Nightmare in Tira's ending: Becoming too powerful.

Well, to end on a funny note. Wouldn't it be epic if everyone in SCIV knew of this, and instead of going up against Nightmare and risking getting destroyed by him, they instead kept away from him until he died? Think of it as a game of tag, where you run around Ostrheinsburg in circles with Nightmare chasing you until he collapses from being too powerful. (Damn it, now I wanna see that.)

EDIT: I thought of something. Since Night Terror in the Astral Chaos is so powerful that Algol is afraid of him, what if a stronger Night Terror have become the result of Soul Edge becoming complete again?

And what about this: It's never stated how long Night Terror has existed in the Astral Chaos. What if, when Siegfried destroyed Soul Edge, some of it's energy remained in the Astral Chaos and became manifested as Night Terror, as well as having it's powers amplified there?

AND, what if Inferno opened the gates to the Astral Chaos in SCIV to retreat into, being able to withstand his own powers there?
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