The definition of "scrub"...


A Soul in the Purgatory
Heaton is implying that I am the dictionary definition of a scrub. You can ask him about it in 3 days when his ban is over!!

Or you can ask me right now. I'm always available 24/7 for anyone that needs help. Aren't I a nice, helpful guy?


[08] Mercenary
A scrub will kick you out of their beginners only room if you beat them, whether you are a beginner or not.


[09] Warrior
I always think of scrub by the orginal pre-Sirlin definition: A scrub describes any of the countless, faceless individuals who show up at a tourney with no chance to win. In any group competition you have legit challengers and you have scrubs.

Now since scrub is such a dirty word and just showing up at an offline tourney makes you a swell guy - no one else really goes by that definition. But even so, I've been a scrub before and it really isn't so bad :)


[14] Master
From my experience, scrubs are the people (just based off what I seen, I know this isn't true with everyone) who use character such as nightmare/seigfried (Steel trains), Xiba, Leixia, and to a lesser extent, lizardman. Nothing against them, I just find them as the usual scrub machines/spammers.