The Double SwordLord Debacle


Волк Одиночка
Without, the day was bright and sunny with children at play, but in a small little house set in​
Virginia the blinds were drawn and only the dim glow of the TV illuminated the room. A young man sat in front of his TV eyes wide with fascination at what was being projected to him. Trai Jones, as the young man was known, had finally found something to help him forget about the terrible tragedy of the poor little kitty that was murdered by a duck. That thing was SoulCalibur V.

Trai was never very popular. Picked on by all the other school kids for being so obsessed with our​
avian friends. So he decided to try to escape his life and become a top player within this fighting game. Day and night he trained at becoming the best. Soon he found a place where he could talk with other people about the game he did so covet. He learned of a competition that took place in the not so far off land of Pennsylvania called NEC. So he set out on his path to become the greatest, training day and night.

Finally after weeks of rigorous training and onanism the day had arrived for our young​
protagonist to set off on his journey. His first competition at NEC didn't go as well as he hoped. Only managing to place 9th, though it didn't phase him as he was rather proud of himself, he soon became the brunt of many jokes over his repletion for such a terrible placing, and thus Team9thPlace was born. Soon his pride faded away and was replaced with the urge to prove to everyone that he could win. He decided that he would do this at the next tournament in Jersey by the name of Apex.

The weeks passed by and Apex was finally upon Trai. He made his way to his second tournament​
in the far away land of Jersey. Significant only in that it was here that he would meet a rather brute and boorish man by the name of Tim. Tim would make many jokes about Trai while announcing the competition, causing him to become flustered. He would eventually get knocked out only managing to grasp at fifth place. After losing Jim, a friend to Trai, tried to console him by hugging him and copping a feel on his man boobs to no avail. After such a showing Trai vowed to win the next tourney.

A little more time passes and we join our buddy, Trai, going to his third tourney. It was here​
where finally Trai would have some moderate success in a competition. Managing to ignore the derision thrown at him by Tim. But Trai no longer cared for he had gotten second place. This angered Tim greatly and he vowed to take him down at the next competition. It was at this competition that Tim vowed to lay money down on the line, confident that he could beat Trai at his own game.

Unfortunately for Trai some extenuating circumstances made it so he couldn't make it to his​
fourth competition. His journey to become the greatest would have to be put on hold for now. This angered the man known as Tim greatly for he had spent many hours studying how to beat Trai. During the competition some rather ungainly comments were made about Trai not showing up. After the competition the two got in a heated battle, butting heads and trading words over the fact that Trai was a bitch. Soon though it erupted into another challenge with money on the line, $500 to be exact. Though Tim created some rather asinine rules to try and convince Trai to not accept.

Once the Great Alex J heard of this little altercation between Tim and Trai he decided to try and​
and Mediate the situation. For Alex had grown a small interest in this match and wanted it to happen. So he began talking to both of them trying to come to a settlement for this match to happen. Little to his knowledge did he know that Trai was bluffing about having the $500 to lay down on the line. The people of the community were quite disappointed in this fact. But as if that weren't bad enough it would soon come to light that Tim was also bluffing, he admitted to making asinine rules trying to get Trai to deny the money match. Alex and the rest of the community would never look at these two the same.

I tell you this story of betrayal and deceit in a hopes that you will never make the same mistake.​
Only time will tell if this story is a tale to be eternally retold. Just remember kids, don't be a bitch.


Волк Одиночка
There you go Alex my half assed written story. Enjoy.