The Ice Wizard: Stories Untold


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Long ago in a peninsula of Calistrosa, there lived an incredibly powerful Ice Wizard. He belonged to a very prestigious University of Magic and Alchemy. The Univserity of Stafford's students were of la creme dela creme and he was no exception. Painstakingly learning the in and outs of the element of Ice. Freezing rats at an early age and even learning how to make the hottest desert into an unbearable blizzard. He had sort of become an expert on the subject, learning every minute detail there was about Ice. The Ice Wizard became quite brilliant. This resulted in anyone he conversed with, confused and angry. He once chatted with a simple pig farmer about the veneer of civilization only to leave the pig farmer in a daze of confusion.

Once his genius started to gain recognition, many lesser wizards became jealous and copied his craft. This resulted in other wizards taking the majority of his credit. Since the Ice Wizard would rather spend time perfecting his work rather than parading such trivial things. Weaker and inferior wizards gained quite a reputation for arts they copied and couldn't fully understand. Some of these weaker wizards started to be corrupt by the powers of Ice magic. It was too much power for an untrained simpleton to control. Many started becoming highway robbers and others would accidentally cause massive disasters. Leaving the reputation of the once sacred art of Ice magic into a commonly known threat.

This left the Ice Wizard quite angry, for only he knew the disasters that these wannabe wizards would create. This left the fate of the world in the Ice Wizards hands, and his alone. Can he protect simple farmers and townsfolk from these fake wizards? Or will it be the end for such a noble wizard?


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A Tale of Lords:

In one of the Ice Wizards earlier travels, he went to the land of Texolass. He was quite familiar with this area since it was near his homeland of Oklamiticus. He had many allies in Texolass and even learned some of his craft there by training with the locals. Although on this visit, he was not there for leisure but for serious business.

The Ice Wizard heard rumors of a wizard in the area by the name of "The Lord of Swords". At first introduction, it is quite baffling why such a wizard would have a warriors name. Upon further inspection it tends to make sense. The Lord of Swords started off as a warrior of the lowest caliber. This quickly made the Lord of Swords quite impatient and angry. For this man had delusions of grandeur and would do anything to achieve his goals. Since his skills in fighting were lackluster, he jumped at the chance when he heard about the ways of Ice Magic. He studied the great Ice Wizard tombs and could only master 10% of the great Ice Wizards teachings. This was enough for the Lord of Swords to become quite a nuisance. Some started to believe that the Lord held some type of true power. Some poor souls even began to fear the man. The Lord of Souls used this fear to extort money from weaker folk. Although the towns people became dis-contempt and demanded retribution.

One of the village elders heard tales of another wizard in the area and contacted the great Ice Wizard for protection. The Ice Wizard gladly accepted the job since it correlated with his own ambitions. He wanted to rid the world of all weaker imitation wizards and The Lord of Swords was no exception. The Ice Wizard went to a rundown pub that The Lord of Swords frequently visited to and called the imposter out. The Great Ice Wizard said in a very manly and distinguishing tone, "So you, The Lord of Swords, think of yourself as a master of the arcane arts? The preposterous Lord of Swords quickly retorted with "Yo dawg, Im da greatest wizzaard of all timez". The Lord of Swords grew up in the strange land of Atlantis, leaving him quite an unfamiliar dialect. This did not phase the Ice Wizard though, he cleverly convinced the Lord of Swords into a wager. The two wizards would duel and the winner would receive 500 gold coins for their efforts.

The two wizards began to duel. The Lord of Swords, with all his might and effort was able to conjure two small daggers made of ice. Just using this much magic, put a strain on the Lord of Swords. But he didn't let his exhaustion stop him, for he runs straight towards the Ice Wizard. With little care or effort, the Ice Wizard hurls a massive ball of ice at his opponent. His enemy gets crushed by the weight of this ball of ice and quickly surrenders. After losing, The Lord of Swords almost immediately makes an excuse about losing. He says "My hands iz cold". For anyone paying attention, the Lord created daggers of ice which are naturally cold to the touch. Logic not being one of the Lord of Swords strong points. When it came time to pay up for losing the duel, The Lord of Swords only had 50 gold coins instead of 500. This angered the Ice Wizard. The Ice Wizard was not a very forgiving person either. He raised his arms in the air and materialized hundreds of icicles floating above him. He then threw these sharp ice daggers straight into the Lord of Swords and killed him.


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The Floridian Isles:

A few moons after our stoic hero defeated The Lord of Swords, the great Ice Wizard tracked down many spurious ice users. Traveling from town to town had been hard work, but none of these confrontations were worthy of note. Although, defeating so many inferior wizards did start to wear on our mighty champion of justice. As a master of magic, the Ice Wizard always knew when to hang up his cloak and get some R&R when he needed to. So for relaxation, he decided to venture to the Floridian Ilse's. The Floridian Ilse's being a tropical land of much beauty and serenity.

His first few days on vacation he spent resting and socializing with the locals. He met many women who were enamored by his mastery of Ice magic and many more who were impressed with his prestigious position at University of Stafford. For women all throughout the land knew that wizards who were trained at Stafford were rich beyond their wildest dreams. This idea was of false nomenclature though. For in fact, The Ice wizard lived quite a humble lifestyle. This did not dissuade the local bar wenches from making advances. The Ice wizard fraternized with many of the women and became lucky. One local bar wench who he had wooed and romanced gave him some valuable information. She muttered, "There is this creep Enkindler who won't stop leaving me alone, blah blah blah blah, wizard, blah blah". He could only listen to part of her strenuous story because when it came to women, he had a limited attention span. This piece of information became a lead for our hero that he needed to investigate.

The Ice wizard started to snoop around the Floridian Isle's. Hearing more and more tales of the Enkindler pestering women. He soon found the location of this unscrupulous man and decided to take action. The Ice Wizard approaches the vicinity of the mead hall where the Enkindler was supposedly drinking in and hears loud crying. After hearing so many tales from women about this man, the mighty Ice Wizard becomes infuriated and blast opens the door with powerful ice magic. He forms a huge ball of ice ready to throw at the Enkindler at a seconds notice. He did not see a women in distress though. The mead hall was entirely empty except for one portly man slumping over the bar crying. The Ice Wizard drops his ball of ice and proceeds to inquire the man about his troubles.

This had been the man he was looking for, the Enkindler. Seeing the this man in such a sad state, the Ice Wizard decided to talk to him. The Enkindler said his first words in a very high pitch and nasally voice "Why do girls never like me". The Ice Wizard soon found out, the Enkindler was not purposely terrorizing anyone but looking for love. He heard many tales of the Enkindler and him failing at charming the opposite sex. This wizard had tried everyone to woo a lady. There were stories about the Enkindler talking to women via magic ball. Stories of him concocting failed love potions. And he even tried to become a white knight to impress the ladies. The Ice wizard then shook his head in shame because he knew that becoming a white knight was the worst way to get a maiden. Most importantly, he found out that this wizard had no power of ice. So he did what any good samaritan would do. The Ice Wizard laid down his extensive knowledge of the ladies from his years of experience. Hoping this would help the Enkindler, for the Ice Wizard was not only a fighter, but a lover also.

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The Floridian Isles Part Two:

After the incredibly good looking Ice Wizard helped out the Enkindler with his problems, he went back to his life of luxury in the Floridian Isles. Many days have passed and the Ice Wizard spent many of them entertaining the women that the Floridian Isles had to provide. He also spent time gazing at a giant Meteor that was rumored to crash into the Floridian Isles in a few days. The Ice Wizard saw many wizards cast their magic to try and vanquish the meteor but to no avail. Many arcane arts were fired at this flaming ball of fire. The locals conjured flower magic, tickle magic, and white knight magic. The mighty Ice Wizard just laid back and laughed at these pitiful attempts.

He also began to ponder about teaching his arts to somebody. Many wannabe ice wizards who copied him were trite and mundane in their approach. Many lacked the comprehension that was needed to fully understand the meaning of ice magic. In his own words, the mighty wizard said "ICE MAGiC IS MEANINGFUL, BUT NOT PREOCCUPIED WITH MEANINGS. IT IS THE RAW POWER OF THE FROZEN NORTH, AND IT TRANSCENDS HERMENEUTICS AND ONTOLOGY. " Another professor of the arcane arts named M. Arginal added, "Frankly, ice wizards are the only ones who know ice magic." This being said, the Ice Wizard looked to find an apprentice.

The Ice Wizard stumbled upon a 16 year old boy by the name of Partarius. Partarius of Clan Wolf was an odd kid. He had a very low monotone voice and a very dry sense of humor. He also had an outlook of the world that was much more akin to a man twice his age. He understood that life sucks and that making fun of people was the best way to pass the time. Partarius also had a natural gift for wizardry. He quickly surpassed many wizards in the Floridian Isles, including The Enkindler. This intrigued the Ice Wizard and Partarius was taken under the Ice Wizards wing. He taught Partarius the mystic and powerful ways of the Ice Magic. But he did not stop there, he also taught his young apprentice on the ways of life. Important life lessons like how to be incredibly handsome and how to be angry and bitter all the time. Since to properly control the raw power of the frozen north, one needed much anger and big balls.

As the Ice Wizard began to leave, he decided to give a parting gift to the Floridian Isles. He would deal with the meteor that was about to crash into the Floridian Isles. He raised his hands in the air and enveloped the flaming rock in ice. Then proceeded to do nothing, watching the giant frozen ball fly into the Enkindlers house. Partarius and the Ice Wizard both laughed as they began to leave the Floridian Isles.