The Ideal Button Mapping For Fighting Pads and Fighting Sticks


Shining Sea Dragon
I want to exchange button mapping for devices other than the standard controller.
This thread is for fighting pads and fighting sticks.

Keep in mind that these button layouts will be made with SCV in mind as it is the newest SC game currently out and while SCVI is officially announced, it is not yet released.

Fighting Pad:
Pictured below will be the Hori Fighting Commander

This Button Layout is borrowed from @Marginal...
He had designed it so that he could press of the basic combinations without binding...
However, I would still recommend binding :A+B+K: to the L1 and/or L2 buttons to execute Critical and Brave Edges.

Square - :A:
Triangle - :B:
R1 - :K:
Cross/X - :G:
Circle - :G:
R2 - :A:
L1 - :A+B+K:
L2 - :A+B+K:

Fighting/Arcade Sticks:
Pictured Below will be The Hori Real Arcade Action Pro Kai

This Layout is just my educated guess. A pro player may be able to brainstorm layout than I could.

Square - :A:
Triangle - :B:
R1 - :K:
Cross/X - :G:
Circle - NA
R2 - NA
L1 - :A+B+K:

I wish to see more suggested layouts.


Chikara Sashimi
For a Stick I typically just do


And don't care about the rest for a game like SC.


[14] Master
I just default controls on a pad, whatever they may be, and find specialized pads and sticks unnecessary.


[10] Knight
This is what I have been using since I was like 8 playing SC2.

Ended up working out relatively well as I could Parting thrust and IMCF with yoshi super easy by sliding from A ~ B+K


[12] Conqueror
I have ABKG on the face buttons on a pad, A+G on L1, B+G on R1, A+B on L2 and A+B+K on R2, so I'd like to somehow carry that over to SCVI as well, we'll see how it turns out. When I use a stick sometimes, jff (cause I'm worse on a stick than on pad), I have G on cross, A on square, B on triangle and K on R1. In SCV I also used A+B+K on L1 to make it a little bit easier than hitting all the buttons every time I wanted to GI, BE or CE. I don't worry about the rest of the buttons.