The London, ON, Canada Thread!


Holy Moly

I am Partisan and I live in London. If you live in London and play/want to play SC we should organize some gatherings and build up a scene here!

I know of a few people in the city that play and am looking to organize some gatherings once fall/the school year begins. If interested, please hit me up or post here!


Edit: Of course, if you are outside of London and would like to come down some time, feel free to post up as well.


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Holy Moly
Session in the next two weeks, anyone?

I'm available Wednesday this week and will find out asap when I can host the following week if anyone is interested.

Edit: Also, if anybody wants to do a big-ish pre-NEC practice session out here in the coming months we can totally start planning something out!
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This week doesn't look good for me but I'll let you know if anything changes. As for the pre-NEC thing I love that idea. If we can I want to go through anti-chracter stuff.


Holy Moly
The sooner I know which date the better! I'll be able to book off days next week until about Friday/Sat this week.