the path of EWGF!!!


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I am looking for a mentor for Devil Jin
PSN: Implodedcat

I kinda have a grasp of him i would just like to fine tune what ever it is im supposed to be doing.

Please clean this up if this isn't where its supposed to go.


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Unfortunately I have no means of recording a match. If i did you would see my offline meta cant handle hell sweep.

Maybe you guys could answer some quick questions. (witch might not be bad for this forum anyways!)
I have an opponent who likes to hit me on his wake up with a rising attack. I normally punish him with 1B which seems nice, but i was wondering if there are more damaging options?
After said 1b i either try to run up and hit him with 66 k series or AS up to him with A9/KK.
what is my go to punisher from crouching? i get hit by moves that i either have to crouch block or they put me in FC and i just go blank.....
EWGF on oki! is this what im supposed to hit them with if they play dead?
it hits high and thy are on the floor..... i dont understand this but im just going to say that its pretty amazing (when it hits)
im a Yoshi main and a big part of yoshi is frame trapping an opponent with dick destroyer, does Jin have any frame traps (im sure he does) if so can let me know what i must do.
is 66b his best running poke? and if so any combo potential?

i cant really think of anything else at the moment but some feed back would be greatly appreciated

P.s I already dominate my offline meta but i want to make it to where they can never take a round from me (everyone loves to watch their friends want to break their controllers)

P.S.S i really like this pressure string: 6a>6a>6aa>grab and just move it around
its too funny



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If you play someone online, you can use the upload function to save it to your PS3 and then transfer it to your computer. Anyways, I'll try my best to answer your questions since the DJ soul arena is a ghost town. But this is all based on what I do, and I'm no expert by any means. If you want a more accurate answer, I would PM Donutman and maybe Party Wolf, since I've seen him put out some good DJ videos.

1. EWGF is good option depending on the wakeup attack as it's i14. Attacks add at least 15 frames to the WR attack, so EWGF should beat them and be chained to 3 more EWGF, or throw in a AS A9 BE for ringout. 46AA3B (LS) is a powerful option too for its combo ability. When in doubt (or slow like me), 4K works and combos on CH. Plus, 4K will pressure your opponent to move, leading to more EWGF and LS.

2. The two WR options I use is WR B and WR KK. WR B is a good punisher (and AS mixup) that launches and you can follow with a AS A9 (BE) or EWGF. WR KK doesn't combo well, but the first K hits grounded and the second K is safe. Maybe WR AB BE is a good punish since its i14 and +4 on block, but it needs a CH to combo. I would save my meter for something else, though.

3. If your opponent adapts to an oki EWGF, they'll start ukemi, which is when the fun begins (another EWGF, 4K, LS). Though, from what I practiced, the EWGF sometimes whiffs grounded opponents. For example, when I do 66B+G to EWGF, if I do the EWGF to early or late, it whiffs. I think its like 4K, which depends on angle and stuff to determine whether it hits or whiffs. 4K is also a good option for the reasons stated in answer one. A+B BE is also good if you got the meter. It has combo ability with 66K or 66 EWGF.

4. The only real deal DJ tech trap that I know of is EWGF. It's +6 on block.

5. 66K great way to close the gap between you and your opponent. DJ's biggest weakness is range. His number one goal is to get in range and stay in range. 66B is a quick mid, safe, rings out, wall splats, a good AS mixup. The only combo potential I've seen is near a wall. One of my favorites is 66B~W!~4K~46AAB~W!~3KBK8~FLY A+B for well over 100 damage. There are more combos however that take advantage of EWGF and CE. Another gap-closing move I kind of use is 33K and 33(K). They're tech jumps that give +6 and knocks down, respectively on hit.

I get so much salt from playing DJ (and only DJ, it baffles me). I agree, it's fun to watch. If you got any other questions, ask and I'll try my best to help.