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Discussion in 'Soulcalibur CASUAL' started by ShaolinTiger86, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. ShaolinTiger86

    ShaolinTiger86 [13] Hero

    I know some of you have seen some SoulCalibur memes like for example, Scumbag Patroklos but I just happen to come across a few other memes relating to all things SoulCalibur on one facebook page.

    Here are some of my faves:

    Asshole Kilik:

    Just Kidding Xianghua:

    And Yun-Seong Trying To Protect His Homeland With Random Objects:

    Tell me what you think of these memes?
  2. Captain_Insano

    Captain_Insano [07] Duelist

    hahaha i love the raw deal cassandra ones!

  3. WindupSkeleton

    WindupSkeleton [14] Master

    Le Bello loves the Dampierre ones.
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  4. NinjaDeathCaiks

    NinjaDeathCaiks [01] Neophyte

    Can we please get an Ezio one going? He's a douche and needs a meme.
  5. FloweringRoses

    FloweringRoses [01] Neophyte

  6. Pyrrus

    Pyrrus [14] Master

    Lol the Cassandra one is sad and true XD
  7. ShaolinTiger86

    ShaolinTiger86 [13] Hero

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  8. ShaolinTiger86

    ShaolinTiger86 [13] Hero

    Poor Cassandra. *gives her a hug*
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  9. ShaolinTiger86

    ShaolinTiger86 [13] Hero

    I found this little gem.[​IMG]
  10. Wandrian

    Wandrian I don't know.

    Hmm...Bad idea but it's humorous to a small audience...


    *picture of Tira*

  11. Chidokyo

    Chidokyo [04] Fighter


    I love Just Kidding Xianghua and Raw Deal Cassandra. XD
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  12. Cla


  13. NeclordX

    NeclordX [12] Conqueror

    My Little pony, my...



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  14. Koiyuki

    Koiyuki [05] Battler

    As a Talim secondary since SC2, this makes me very nostalgic(and sad. ;_;)
    Also, because you all should suffer as I did watching Voldo Dance ()
  15. SorceressSeren

    SorceressSeren [14] Master

    I'll have to make one with an actual character or two... And better then this, because this one isn't that great. XD
  16. Pyrrus

    Pyrrus [14] Master

    Thats exactly how i felt the first 54 times...( i kid you not)
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  17. ShaolinTiger86

    ShaolinTiger86 [13] Hero

    This is what the developers must've been like when they made Legendary Souls.

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  18. Pyrrus

    Pyrrus [14] Master

    LMAO! HAHAH-Yes. T_T...=''=;;
  19. ShaolinTiger86

    ShaolinTiger86 [13] Hero

    Such a shame how the developers would do that to us.
  20. Misty_Chaos

    Misty_Chaos [04] Fighter

    Pyrhha's transformation: Rage Comic Version!


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