The Ultimate-Super-Smash-Sega-Soul-Fighter-Crossover Experience (Not Official Title) :o)


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Let me start off by saying this: This fan-fiction is limited to my own mind. Most of the time, my fan fic, described by the title of this thread, features real-life celebrities. Of course, over the years, I learned that I can't really use those people. Captain Ersatz rule was violated

Okay, with that aside, I'd like to welcome y'all to my super dooper crossover fanfic.

Two of the video game industry's most well-known companies, Nintendo and Sega (actually, the Sonic franchise), team up to save the world from demoralizing humanity. Over the years, other franchises, including the Soul Calibur team, volunteered to help Mario, Sonic, and their friends. In their never-ending quest, they meet celebrities. We all know that video games aren't supposed to influence real-life activities, like Assassin's Creed with parkour, but in this story, it's kind of like that. Of course, I'm NOT promoting the use of video games to influence our everyday actions.

So, I've been thinking up this story for the past 10 years, and it's expanded so much as to have teams of real-life people fight alongside the video game heroes. Also, in these 10 years, I've come up with some original bad guys. You can find some of them in my Create-a-Soul thread.
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Hello again! I wanted to make this and the first posts separate so you guys wouldn't have to read everything in one entire post. Before I forget, my story takes place in modern times. Y'know, like from the early 80s to today.

As for my fan fic, I've come up with spin-offs. These spin-offs go with some of my favorite characters. To start off, Princess Zelda's adventures! I've always had this thought that no matter what kind of girl you can be, you'll always be bad-ass! So, with Zelda, I wanted her to acquire special powers and learn about them while she was in high school. In the early 1990s, Zelda was the youngest member of the Nintendo-Sonic Alliance (ugh, never thought up a creative name). Upon entering high school, the Hylian quickly realized that something was wrong. When she first stepped into the school building, she was caught in a trap, but few people knew about it. She then met another freshman who went through the same thing, and they became friends a bit later. Throughout this first day of school, Zelda met at least one more student who was willing to get Zelda out of harm's way. However, the small trap started becoming a bigger threat. After surviving and defeating the threat, Zelda and her new friends continued to stay together to keep their high school safe from even more harm, and they formed their own team simply named "Zelda and Friends."
It was later revealed to Zelda that she was the main target of whoever started this mess. She wouldn't realize this until about 20 years later.

This next spin-off kind of continues Zelda's story, but it takes place in 2012, this year. The Hylian graduated from high school in May 1994, but she wanted to continue protecting her school from evil intentions like the one she experienced four years earlier. Shortly before graduation, "Zelda and Friends" voted for a fellow group member to take Zelda's place as team leader. Since August 1994, different girls were voted by the student body to lead the team. In 2012, the group would meet one of their most influential members since Zelda (herself). This is when we get to know Pyrrha Alexandra!
Pyrrha's first days in high school didn't differ much from Zelda's experience. This time, a few other girls want to let the rest of the student body know what Pyrrha's really like. After one of her former friends forcibly gets her angry and gets her to punch another student, Pyrrha seeks help from Zelda and other members of Zelda and Friends who've already graduated from high school. She wants to know the best way to cope with sudden outbursts of rage, which is what those other girls wanted to reveal to the school. Soon, her origins will reveal the truth behind her hidden anger, and her new friends will stick to her side should more of that anger leave her out of control. Overall, Pyrrha will do whatever she can to save the school from evil and daily-life problems that spread.

Woah....that's a lot to imagine, huh? Hmm, I really need to be a bit more creative with lotsa things, don't I? Well, these spin-offs might have their own threads on here, especially the one about Pyrrha. :sc5pyr1:
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Here’s a preview of my story. (Note: names of places, like that for “the bar,” excluded in preview because it involves a real place. Please read very first post.)

Lucas (nickname for Lucius Alexandra, younger brother of Sophitia and Cassandra), now 21 years old, walks into the bar after having his girlfriend, May, stay behind. He feels sorry for not bringing her to the place with him, but he worries for her safety because she’s 20. Inside the bar, HD TVs broadcast the anticipated football games of the week. Groups of friends stay together while asking for drinks as the bartender fulfills their requests. Lucas goes ahead and joins a group at the front counter. He politely asks,

“Hey, mind if I join you?”

A blonde-haired girl wearing a tie-dye shirt and black sweatpants turns around and gazes up at the tall figure who’s spoken. She tells her friends Lucas’ question, and they take little time to answer

“Sure. You always gotta have a buddy at a bar.”

“Cool. Thanks, guys,” Lucas replies.

Although there isn’t much seating space, Lucas does find one empty chair. He takes his seat, but he notices that the bartender isn’t there. The group of friends simply lets Lucas know that the bartender will be back shortly with the drinks, but Lucas sits there waiting. He can’t wait to try his third glass of beer as he listens to the constant clanging of bottles and cans around him.

“I could’ve sworn that guy was gonna stay here as soon as I arrived,” Lucas thinks.

Minutes pass, one football game declares its winner on one of the TVs, people leave their empty glasses on the tables, but Lucas suspects there’s something else going on. He returns to the group of friends.

“Excuse me. Where’d the bartender go? He’s taking too long to take my order,” Lucas says.

“He’s probably, like, texting his friends again,” the girl in the tie-dye shirt says.

“That guy’s been acting strange lately,” says a long-haired man while texting on his own phone.

“Well, I don’t know. I just turned 21, and this is only my second time at a bar,” Lucas explains.

It’s now 45 past 10, but the bartender still hasn’t returned. Lucas decides to investigate this unusual behavior by exiting the bar and not drinking a single drop of beer. When he closes the entrance doors, he hears a crash that appears to be coming from an alleyway. Lucas takes out his short sword and a small flashlight to search for the source of the sound. There’s a long line of college-aged students waiting to enter the bar, but when Lucas passes them, they just stare in confusion. They think he’s gone drunk, but that isn’t the case. When Lucas reaches the alleyway where he thinks the crash came from, he only finds lots of empty beer bottles scattered on the ground. He takes a deep breath and continues into the dark alleyway as the wind gently breezes past his body. At the end of the space, Lucas still finds nothing unusual other than the bottles (to him, he’d rather see recycling bins filled with the glass objects). Then, a shadow appears on the wall facing the 21-year-old. Each second, it grows larger, and there’s suddenly a small, bright red light slowly flashes. Lucas looks back and finds himself face-to-face with a robot armed with a laser cannon on each of its two arms. The robot aims the cannons at Lucas’ chest and charges up for a lethal blast. The young man grasps his sword tightly to defend himself, but before the robot shoots its lasers, a mysterious person leaps onto its back and stabs its rectangular head with a small blade. The robot responds with smaller lasers shooting from the rest of its two arms, but the figure evades each shot. He grabs Lucas by both arms and escapes from the destruction. When the two leave the alleyway, Lucas drops his sword to thank the person who’s just saved him.

“That was close,” Lucas exclaims. “I was about to attack that thing, but at least you stopped it from shooting me.”

“No problem, but I knew this was gonna happen,” says the other person.

Lucas lifts his head up to speak directly to the other person, but the rescuer seems oddly familiar.

“Maybe too oddly familiar,” Lucas thinks.

The other person kneels down to check if Lucas is okay, but Lucas stares in amazement. That person looks exactly like the bartender who mysteriously left the bar earlier, but he’s now wearing a uniquely-shaped hood.

“That hood, the thing he used to distract the robot, the odd behavior at the bar….wait a minute. You’re……”


Who do y'all think saved Lucas in the alleyway? :o)


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It's been far too long since I've been busy at school.

Anyway, going on with the whole super-dooper crossover, I wanna tell everybody about a strange dream I had a long time ago.

It was a crossover between the Soul Calibur and SSX universes. For those of you who don't know about SSX, it's a very popular snowboarding video game series. A new game for the franchise was released earlier this year. So, in the dream, the Soul Calibur universe challenged the SSX folks to a big race in Mesablanca, a venue that appeared in SSX Tricky. Lotsa funny quotes from both franchises, but Cervantes ended up being the funniest character in the race. :sc1crv1:

As for the rest of my big story, I've been using SSX as some inspiration since 2003. When SSX On Tour came out in 2005, around the same time as Soul Calibur III, oh boy......lotsa action and heavy-metal incorporated into my story. It's kinda been that way since then.


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I'm sorry to say this :sc5ezi1:

There IS some timebending in the story since I've included Soul Calibur characters, who come from the 16th and 17th centuries. :3


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I've started a blog in the Soul Calibur Wikia. It's titled "VG Universe (Feat. Soul Calibur of course)." I'll still post more details on here than in the blog.


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Long time no see!

I can have more Internet time for school and, of course, the fan stuff. It's been up to my imagination to create and fix up my OCs.

For the fan fics, two ninjas who've traveled 150 years back to our present time begin a long fight to change their own time. It's either going to be a good ending or a bad one, depends on who wins. The bad ninja, the assassin "Code M," vs the good ninja, Leonel (wears blue if you haven't seen his snapshots in my Character Creation Mode thread). Leonel must stop Code M from assassinating Pyrrha Alexandra because he afraid to witness more evil occurring in the future.

Yeah, I think I've said it once and I'll say it again. I'm bad at creating original characters and stories. So, with more independent free time, I'll be able to improve on some parts of my fan fics.


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Hey! I know it's been waaaaaaay too long since I posted something besides my annual creations.
Lately, I've been editing bits of my fan fics because they used real people with their real names. I talked to my sister, who's an excellent artist and also writes fan fics with true OCs, and she told me about "Captain Ersatz." I looked up the term, and I realized I had a lot of work to do to fix my fan fics. There were plenty of real celebrities involved in my stories, but that was mostly because I had a tough time creating alternate, or Captain-Ersatz, versions of these people. Plus, this was the reason why I never shared full fan fics online. Only samples.

As I'm heading back to college to earn a real degree (I graduated with a Bachelors in General Studies, which won't help me much) and get a better chance at earning a well-paying job, I'll do my best to stay focused on things that captivate my imagination, such as the Soul Calibur games and my fan fics.

By the way, in one of my newest stories, Pyrrha, after being illegally separated from her biological parents and brother 6 years ago, finally reunites with her true family. This story took place during Spring Break (or as I call it, "Big Break" after a certain Nickelodeon TV movie from 2003).
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All that writing in's worn me out! :P

I do sometimes manage this stress by thinking about my fan fics. I'm thinking about typing a story relating to Pyrrha. Here's a somewhat brief summary, and I hope I actually start and finish it:

Pyrrha's about to finish high school. She's had her ups and downs with uncontrollable anger fits, and it got worse during and after Spring Break / Big Break '16 (March 13-19). On Friday evening that week, she was filled with so much rage. One of her friends from high school, another senior named Eva, unknowingly suffered the same condition that made the Soul Calibur V character so angry. Anyway, on Friday evening of Big Break, Pyrrha and Eva couldn't take it anymore and fought each other to the death. Well, not exactly, but Pyrrha's final attack caused Eva to fall into a deadly trap set by the VG Universe's (I now renamed the entire team VG World) arch nemesis, Alod (a sorcerer with corrupted views on pop culture). Soon, Pyrrha found out that Eva didn't survive.

Also, during Big Break, her other very good friend, an American-born Mexican named Layla, told the VG World that her parents never really liked video games, and they almost never wanted her to play any game. Nobody knew why, but shortly after Big Break, she told her secret to Pyrrha, who later became to worried to tell Mario, Sonic, and their teammates.

What's this secret that Layla held? Does it have to do with her or her parents? Do Layla's parents hate the VG World as well, and if so, how? If Layla reveals her secret, will Pyrrha fall into another fit of rage and potentially pick a fight with her best friend? Will Alod successfully use this opportunity to execute his plan to cause the world to hate the VG World and trap the team's members inside a much harsher version of their video game worlds? Who can save them if such a thing occurs?

In addition, next "season" (2016-2017 school year), Patroklos (I call him "Patrick") becomes one of the fan fic's main protagonists. Expect another update, and maybe even a sample of the Layla story, sometime between this month and August. I just need to remind myself to finish my fics.


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Yikes! Has it really been almost a year since my last post?! I'm gonna do two separate posts here. This is the 1st:

I've been imagining my fan fics for about 15 years now. Basically, it all started shortly after my sister got a Gamecube in spring 2002. Super Smash Bros. Melee was our first game for the console, and I was really interested in playing as Zelda (before, my little brother and I had Link fights with 4 Links on the N64). Anyway, my fan fics evolved from just the Super Smash Bros. Melee and Sonic characters to more franchises. Even back in 2002, I had the idea of Zelda graduating from high school in 1994 (I just simply thought 1994 was a cool year). I was in 4th grade back then, by the way.

Of course, I've grown to like more game franchises, including Soul Calibur. They've been part of my fan fics since late summer 2004, which was around the time I first played Soul Calibur II (the 1st SC game I ever played). Before Soul Calibur V, my favorite characters to use in my fics were Sophitia, Seung Mina, and Maxi.

As for real-life influences and interests, the video game heroes get advice about pop culture from local and international celebrities.

Now, I don't wanna make this post too long. If only I was better at typing these stories and had more time to do so. That's probably the main reason I've been absent from this forum for soooooooo long. I do have a DeviantArt (okeydokey57SM) with journal entries about each "season" of my fics (which span July - June) done every September.

Brief overview of the 2016-2017 season, in Soul Calibur terms: As in the previous thread post, Patroklos is one of the protagonists this season. Pyrrha's off to college, and Patrick's a senior in high school. In one "episode," I discovers a hidden talent involving giant robots.


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Now, for the fan fic update itself: You know that one fic about Pyrrha and how she had trouble with two of her friends in her last year in high school? Well, I finally completed that fic.

Some basic stuffs:
Setting: Top Town
Time: The week leading up to Friday the 13th, May 2016

Be prepared to read about a crazy happy Patrick cheering for his sister during her graduation. His reactions are based off of what I liked to hear when I was at a graduation ceremony (you know, such as those air horns). Then again, before graduation, Pyrrha and the other video game heroes hear a devastating secret. Was the VG World (the team of some of the best video game heroes) actually tricked into tracking down an enemy for THE enemy? (can't spoil it on this post)


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Sadly, that story about Pyrrha and spring break 2015 isn't finished. It's not even halfway done. Ugh......

Basically, Pyrrha was at her foster home when two friends drove up to the front lawn. They offered to take her into Top Town for the annual citywide spring break party called "Big Break." One of them, her boyfriend named Duke, who used to live in the same foster home, stayed behind while a college-aged student and part-time ninja journeyed to Top Town. Luigi's the first member of the VG World to welcome Pyrrha during the week. That was Sunday.

On Monday, Pyrrha and her friend travel to the eastern part of the city, where they meet one of Pyrrha's classmates, an African-American named Carter. After a successful speech-oriented (Carter was influenced by the speech-oriented hero characters from the Fallout franchise) confrontation with an android named Annoying Girl (formerly "Stupid Girl," as she always referred to the video game heroes as "stupid"), Carter helps Pyrrha reach her ultimate goal: to be reunited with her biological parents.

On Tuesday, Pyrrha receives an invitation to a singing contest that'll be held at one of the city's parks. On the way over there to check for any suspicious activity, since the invitation didn't state who wrote it, the group meets Mortal Kombat character Stryker. The group become suspicious after noting how the invitation threatened Pyrrha with losing everything if she wins.

On Wednesday, the group checks out live performances held by different celebrities. Pyrrha's inspired by one performance, and she's a little more confident about winning that singing contest on Friday, which will supposedly decide the fate of the entire Big Break event. During that inspirational concert, a robot with a sword and wind powers invades the scene, but another video game hero, Desmond Miles, helps Pyrrha and her friends save the audience and the performers.

On Thursday, the friends eat in the downtown district, but nightmarish thoughts cause Pyrrha to become really stressed out and almost show a fit of rage. She's fearful of the VG World's arch nemesis, a sorcerer named Alod, creating some kind of "empire of hate." It's like she was cursed by Alod to have this much fear........(other people the VG World knows also have this fear curse). Her friends recommend that she stay behind and talk with Knuckles the Echidna, the video game hero who's the most passionate about Big Break with his expert skateboarding abilities (yes). While Pyrrha and Knuckles visit a park to reflect on the teenager's life being in a different family, Pyrrha's friends confront Annoying Girl and the robot from yesterday. Annoying Girl plans to trick Pyrrha into thinking her friends were just using her for their own benefit, thereby making her lose tomorrow's singing contest. Then, it's the final battle against the robot, which is defeated by Desmond. After the robot explodes, Annoying Girl flees.

Finally, it's Friday, and it's time for the singing contest. Will Pyrrha be ready to challenge her high school friend Connie? When it's Connie's turn, the audience is hypnotized, and it looks like Connie might get the most votes thanks to a special machine that detects the amount of cheering from the audience. This hypnotizing effect gets to Pyrrha, but she loses motivation instead of appreciating her classmate's singing. Not only that, but Connie sang the song Pyrrha was originally supposed to sing. When Connie's done, Duke returns to the group, but he reveals to be helping Connie win the contest (no, he's not CHEATING on Pyrrha). He also informs Pyrrha that he never really loved her. Connie moves on to tell the lies that Annoying Girl was giving concerning Pyrrha's friends betraying her. While Connie and Duke take Pyrrha backstage, the video game heroine suddenly regains her confidence and enters the singing contest. When she sings, the audience doesn't react immediately, but they love her voice. The final votes are in.......and Pyrrha barely defeated Connie! Duke actually gets angry, but Pyrrha doesn't mind.

The final day of Big Break '15 has Pyrrha and her friends talking about yesterday's contest. Although Connie's upset about her loss, Pyrrha still wants to be friends with her. Later, she rides a horse to a bigger park in Top Town, but she was followed by her "foster parents." They threaten her with pistols, but before things get worse, a woman with a round blue shield knocks their heads, which get damaged enough to show robotic parts inside. It's Sophitia, and she reveals to her daughter that she helped expose the "foster parents" of taking children away from their parents to live with them in the eastern outskirts of Top Town. They were also part of a larger plot by Alod, which was to separate the VG World (even though he changed that plan later on). With everything taken care of, Pyrrha can be with her true family once more, and the VG World grows more united. What a spring break that was!

.......but next wouldn't be so pleasant......
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Working on a set of stories that involve my SC created characters. They're pretty short compared to other fan fics I've done in the past.

Side note: If I upload the Microsoft Word file with these stories, it'll say my real name. I mean, you right-click the file, go to Properties, and it'll say who was the last person to save the file...wait. I just fixed that problem! Hee hee...

But yeah, it's me behind the fic.


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I've been polishing lots of my fan fics to include more OC-related material. The most recent ones from this past year do have Pyrrha in them, but Sophitia isn't mentioned as often as before.

I also began to type up fan fics I remember imagining way back like in 2004. For example, there's one story where the Soul Calibur Team arrives in Top Town, the fictional city where my fics take place, during school enrollment. Another involves Sophitia really admiring SSX On Tour and saying "Represent." This is because when I played SSX On Tour, one of my favorite quotes from the random snowboarders/skiiers was "Where you from, baby? That's what I'm talkin' about. Represent! Yeah!"

And long before Soul Calibur V was first announced or even teased, I began imagining fan fics with Sophitia's family. Rothion, Pyrrha, and Patroklos (didn't go by Patrick then) moved to Top Town in 2007. At first, things would be easy for these newcomers, but a frightening discovery from the past involving Sophitia causes her video game allies to worry even more about her and her family. The Soul Calibur heroine ends up getting angry and violent at times (back in 2007, I never really thought much about Soul Calibur's future references to the "malfested"). Worse...her daughter might fall into the same rage-filled behavior...

Will Sophitia and Pyrrha regain control of their minds or will it be too late? Will Pyrrha's new friends also be affected by this?