Time for a test: A Grøh pre-release guide!


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Hey there everyone and welcome to the Soulcalibur VI Grøh pre-release breakdown! The following will be a compilation of everything I have learned/observed about Grøh so far. Please do keep in mind that all of the following is based on the E3 build and everything is subject to be changed upon game release.

Basic combos

The following will be your bread-and-butter combos, get very familiar with your post-3b options since 3b will combo off a lot of your lethal hits.

3b ~ 6bb6 -This combo ender will ground the opponent close to leave and leave you in stance, use this if you are looking for mixups.
3b ~ 44B+K - This combo ender carries the farthest, use this if your opponent is close to the edge to score yourself a ringout.
3b ~ CE - Use this combo ender if you are looking for maximum damage. Best used as a roundender or for comeback potential (CEs do more damage when you are low on hp)
66k ~ 8B+K ~ 66B+K - Solid combo, is the more damaging of your standard launchers
66k ~ CE - This will be your round ender.
A+B6 ~ ID BB (ID A+B may be the better combo ender here, didn't test if it hits in time)
22(A) ~ 3b ~ 6bb6 - Slowest combo starter but also the most damaging one. Use to punish stepped CEs or very slow recovering moves.
RE K ~ 3b ~ 66b6 - Most damaging RE combo after round 1.
BT B+K ~ 66k ~ 8B+K ~ 66B+K - Wonderful damage for a BT move.

Lethal hits and their criteria

Grøh has access to somewhat situational but very rewarding lethal hits. Grøh CE damage doesn't seem to scale off his lethal hits that launch, this leads to very respectable damage if you LH while you have meter.

LH A+B - Will lethal hit vs opponent GI/RE. Very strong option post GI if the opponent decides to re-GI.

LH A+B6 ~ ID B+K ~ 66B+K
LH A+B6 ~ ID A+B
LH A+B ~ CE (max damage)

LH ID B+K - Lethal hit vs opponent GI/RE. Use this option if you think your opponent will try to deal with your stance by using GI or RE.

LD ID B+K ~ 8A+B6

LH 22B - Will lethal hit upon punishing a whiffed vertical attack.

LH 22B ~ 8A+B6
LH 22B ~ 66A+B (Sometimes?)
LH 22B ~ 8b+k ~ 66b+k - Doesn't seem to work consistently, would recommend staying away from it for now
LH 22B ~ CE

LH 4b - Will lethal hit on backturned opponents. This will be easier than it sounds, since this move has a built in sidestep.

LH 4b ~ 3b ~ 66b6
LH 4b ~ 3b ~ 44B+K
LH 4b ~ 3b ~ CE

LH 6A+B6 - Will lethal hit upon counterhit. This move leads to good reward but feels very unsafe, be careful.

LH 6A+B6 ~ ID B ~ ID A+B
LH 6A+B ~ CE - Does less damage than the above combo and costs meter (lol)

LH 44A - Will lethal hit upon aGIing vertical attacks.

LH 44A ~ 3b ~ 6bb6
LH 44A ~ 3b ~ 44B+K
LH 44A ~ 3b ~ CE

LH 44k - Will lethal hit upon successfully jumping a low attack or punishing a whiffed grab. Very strong reward since 66k will combo afterwards.

LH 44k ~ 66k ~ 8b+k ~ 66b+k
LH 44k ~ 66k ~ CE

LD ID A - Will lethal hit upon guard bursting the enemy.

LH ID A ~ CE This combo does an absurd amount of damage post guard break. This will be quite important because of how RE works (If you initiate RE and win round 2 with RE B you get pretty much an entire bar of meter).

Soul charge section:
Upon activating soul charge Grøh knocks the opponent away and both his eyes and hair change to a glowing red color. Grøh's soul charge gives him access to ridiculous mobility, very solid basic tools, and even better mixups. His ID stance becomes even more complete, giving him 5 new stance options that can be used to run even more mixups or get more rewarding combo extensions!

Soul charge options observed so far:

SC 3BB - Standard 3b gets a teleport followup that does absurd damage, once people figure out their options this move will probably be very unsafe.
SC 1AK - Low attack with an attack throw followup that does very respectable damage. Unsafe.
SC 2A+B - Faster version of regular 2A+B. Solid option to pressure a grounded enemy.
SC ID 6b - Teleport above and comes down with a vertical attack (looks just like the second part of SC 3BB)
SC ID 6A - Teleporting high horizontal GB attack, + on block and remains in stance for followup mixups.
SC ID 6k - Teleporting horizontal mid kick that doesn't seem that bad on block.
SC ID 4 - Teleport behind, remains in stance.
SC ID 6 - Teleport in front, remains in stance.
SC CE - Seems to do more damage in soul charge.

Soul charge only combos:

SC 4A+B6 ~ SC ID 6b
SC 22(A) ~ SC 3bb
SC 6AA6 ~ SC ID 6k
SC 1BB6 ~ SC ID 6b?

Other Random notes:

66bb -11 - Punishable by characters with fast AAs
66aa -13? - AA punishable by almost the entire cast
66k -13 as well?
Grøh has very underwhelming punishment from crouch, using CE to punish whiffed grabs/ducked lows will be key.
66k seems like the best option post-GI if you do not expect a re-GI. Use 4k instead if their back is to the edge.
3b, ID A+B, and 6A+B are all quite unsafe.
Second hits of both 66BB and ID BB can be GI'd.
RE K may be unsafe, -12ish?
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If you GI something like the second hit of Grøh stance BB, does it count as GI-ing a fast move or a slow move?
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If you GI something like the second hit of Grøh stance BB, does it count as GI-ing a fast move or a slow move?
I'm not sure about ID BB, but if you GI the second part of 66BB it will count as the slow move GI and you cannot launch him afterwards.


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FYI 66A+B can be executed in any direction in 8WR except back.

And 44B+K can also be executed in 8WR in any direction except forward.

6A+B6 looks slow, but crushes mids and lows. Works great on scrubs. It’s not super punishable.

Innocent Draw is now called Avenger. For purposes on clarity, try to change all ID stance moves to AVN.

AVN A+B is not safe, but not super punishable.

Here’s some SC moves that are currently unlisted...

4A+B 6B
8A+B 6B_K


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22A is positive on block if fully charged.

Groh’s got a really limited 8WR kit, but he’s not the only one.


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Not sure if the stuff in this primer is already covered or mostly covered in here, but I'd like to share this anyway: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f0lbvWPAFXPcnc7wRQdJUyMYVbzAsTlSKLK6vnIoxlg/edit

I'm just going to add to stuff here and bring up some more important traits.

4B evades all verticals and the heavier the vertical the stronger the evade leading to some nice beefy LHs. It's especially effective on Siegfried.

Likewise, 66AA also evades all verticals.

22B is supposed to LH launchers, has less range than his main launcher 3B.

44A is supposed to be able to GI horizontals.

AA and BB are fast enough to punish a lot of basic stuff from a lot of characters. Gotta find better punishers, though. 3B is generally too slow to use as a punisher, but seems good for frame traps.

6AA - second hit is GI-able from block.

Weirdly - perhaps due to lag - I could not go from guarding specific chains to using his auto-evades, I'd just eat a CH afterwards. This seems to directly counter previous games where it was possible to use an aGI/Auto-Evade move on last hits of some NCCs strings as a way of countering. But I was successful here.