Tira Combos


[11] Champion
just another one to add soz if already listed didnt see it though, JS 1Ab (GS 2A+B) 44k etc
4A:A just
loads of shit cnt b bov to type


[12] Conqueror
okay i didnt see them on the first post so i will post them:

JS 3B 44K (rapid destun) 1B, 4o dmg if i recall

JS 3B 44K (VERY rapid destun) 22B, 51 dmg. Its very hard to do, but still possible.

i like to do just 1B in jS and GS because its easier and i dot have to fear of mixing up inputs if i switch to GS

situational guaranteed
JS 4A:A 44K (rapid destun) 44K/AA

In progress, needed for more testing:
JS CH 44B BT 3G WR B, more dmg than the BT B+K B follow up. Need to test more.

JS 44AA (yeah i know) 2A/ 66AA. 66AA does about 60ish and 2A does 47, i need to test if 2AB is guaranteed. 2A is the more best followp because 66A i have only tested on tira mirror and it only will combo if 44AA hits on their side. 2A only combos if 44AA hits at close range. 2AB hits if 44AA hits at kissing range or near a wall.

oddly, if you time a 66B very well, while the 44AA hits near a wall, it will hit them when they are grounded.

I will test it on other characters to find out more.