Tira Frame Traps?

Dakota Racine

[09] Warrior
Hello this is Massacre, Tira is my main character in SCIV. I know of a one frame trap with her only >.< I was wondering if she has any others if anybody knows anybody that would be great :DDD

Inori DWF

[10] Knight
Pretty much anything off of GS 66666A that is safe is a frame trap since it's +3 on block. I always like to continuously 6666A until they learn to duck. Once they do pull out 66666K.

Another one to use is 4A+B into safe move. This one is hard to land mainly because 4A+B is so easy to see. However, if the opponent doesn't know Tira then it can be abused.

Other than that I can't think of any.


[12] Conqueror
JS (on Block)
4A+B (+2)
4[A+B] (+17)
44AA (+2)
UD B(+2)

JS(on NH)
6AB( +3)
FrC A (+4)
BT A (+8)
BT B (+4)
6K (0, but it looks like it gives good adv and TJs at i10)
3K (+4)
BT K (+4)
*22Bor 88B(+5)
11K(+6) (-13 on block)
*44B(+2)(-14 on block)

GS (on Block)

*BF 66A (+3)
4A+B (+2)
4[A+B] (+17)
22B(+6) (sucky range mainly for a combo)
UD B(+2)

GS (on NH)
66A-BF 66A(+ 0-7)
*6K(+2) (TJ at i10, looks like it gives more than +2)
3K(+2 but i15)
11B(+2, -14 on block)
33K (+2)

i just gave the good ones. to site my sources i got it in the wiki section of 8wayrun.com

if your having trouble getting into GS mid battle try finding setups for A+K if you use it properly you can easily go into GS.

A+K aGIs Bs and As. i doesnt GI lows thrusts and Ks

JS 2A+B aGIs mid Ks

6K is good enough TJ after another 6K on NH.

however if your afraid to get into a mixup dont use it. instead see what your opponent does after a 6K on NH if your 6K followups are being punished.

a combo that has the possibilty of going into GS is

JS CH 1aB A+K 7B+K B