Tira - Mindgames/mixups thread

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[12] Conqueror
Here is a little something I have recently started doing after a blocked GS 2A+B.

B+K(aGI): Since GS 2A+B is -3 on block, the opponent will probably try to attack. Since most attacks are :M:s, you will probably get them assuming they don't use a kick.

4A: This is for avoiding grabs and highs and is a reliable i20(now i23 after GS 2A+B) stepkiller that can RO, w!, and combo off NH.

2A+B/9B: For TJ'ing lows(stuff like 2Ks) and grabs. Both can combo off of NH.

2K/1K/236K BE/grab: Use if opponent just standing guards.

44B]: Used for guard pressure if opponent is afraid to attack. Note: Mixup between 44B and 44[B to avoid GI and JG.

CE: Invincibility frames for if opponent tries to attack.

6A+B, G: To bait the opponent into stepping or trying to interrupt.

66A: Guard pressure and stepkiller than can RO and w!

Backstep 3B: Evade into 3B whiff punish for 97 meterless damage, w!, or RO.

GI: A smart but risky(re-GI or whiffed GI) option if you think your opponent is going to attack.

JG: A smart but risky(JG guess wrong(high JG and low JG)).
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