Titles For Libra of Souls Mode?? Suggestion......


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The Titles that your enemies had in Weapon Master mode in Soul Calibur II, and the titles that you earned were pretty kewl.

I'm going through weapon masters mode for the remastered SC II again (sooo much fun). But I'm really liking the titles like

Minerva Emperor of Siren
Assassin Servant of Veral
Beserkers Phalanx of the Lion
Iron Apprentice, etc.

in Libra of Souls our character gets a level (1-99). But no title! It would be nice to have
those titles like those that your character could get in Weapon Master mode on SC II

There is room to put a title right before the level number in Libra of Souls

Is asking for titles in Libra Soul Mode an outrageous request?
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Here are the titles that could be earned in SC 2

1 - Newcomer
2 - Iron Neophyte
3 - Bronze Neophyte
4 - Silver Neophyte
5 - Gold Neophyte
6 - Platinum Neophyte
7 - Iron Apprentice
8 - Bronze Apprentice
9 - Silver Apprentice
10 - Gold Apprentice
11 - Platinum Apprentice
12 - Iron Disciple
13 - Bronze Disciple
14 - Silver Disciple
15 - Gold Disciple
16 - Platinum Disciple
17 - Iron Fighter
18 - Bronze Fighter
19 - Silver Fighter
20 - Gold Fighter
21 - Platinum Fighter
22 - Iron Battler
23 - Bronze Battler
24 - Silver Battler
25 - Gold Battler
26 - Platinum Battler
27 - Iron Combatant
28 - Bronze Combatant
29 - Silver Combatant
30 - Gold Combatant
31 - Platinum Combatant
32 - Iron Duelist
33 - Bronze Duelist
34 - Silver Duelist
35 - Gold Duelist
36 - Platinum Duelist
37 - Iron Mercenary
38 - Bronze Mercenary
39 - Silver Mercenary
40 - Gold Mercenary
41 - Platinum Mercenary
42 - Iron Warrior
43 - Bronze Warrior
44 - Silver Warrior
45 - Gold Warrior
46 - Platinum Warrior
47 - Iron Knight
48 - Bronze Knight
49 - Silver Knight
50 - Gold Knight
51 - Platinum Knight
52 - Iron Champion
53 - Bronze Champion
54 - Silver Champion
55 - Gold Champion
56 - Platinum Champion
57 - Iron Conqueror
58 - Bronze Conqueror
59 - Silver Conqueror
60 - Gold Conqueror
61 - Platinum Conqueror
62 - Iron Hero
63 - Bronze Hero
64 - Silver Hero
65 - Gold Hero
66 - Platinum Hero
67 - Iron Master
68 - Bronze Master
69 - Silver Master
70 - Gold Master
71 - Platinum Master
72 - Iron Edgemaster
73 - Bronze Edgemaster
74 - Silver Edgemaster
75 - Gold Edgemaster
76 - Platinum Edgemaster

It would be nice to have a title associated with our character's level in Libre Souls:sc2mit1:
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Here are titles from some of the bosses that pop up during Weapon Master mode in SC2

Platinum Edgemaster of Galahad
Phalanx of the Lion
Emperor of Seiren
Servant of Viral
Bringer of Despair
Platinum Edgemaster of Lionel
Platinum Edgemaster of Tristram
Platinum Edgemaster of Elaine
Soothsayer of Destiny
Siren of Calamity
Guardian of Arcturus
Light of the Shadow
Purveyor of Darkness
Shrine Maiden of the Wind
Guardian Knight of Amy
Slayer of Heroes

And the difficulty of the AI for these bosses was imo legit. Did Project Soul bring these titles back in SC6 in Libre Souls and I missed them somehow?

I Know you can earn titles for your online profiles.

But titles in Libre Soul mode would fun too


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It would have been a cool callback to Weapon Master Mode to get those level-based titles back, sure, but at the same time, they'd probably only be available in the Libra of Soul mode and not as special. There already are a good number of titles in the mode, though, for doing the character-specific story missions, for mastering styles, for defeating Ancients, for doing various side quests, and some other things inbetween. I made a thread about the struggle that was trying to get the last few titles, especially the "Azure Nightmare" title, which I believe has had the restriction of having to do that third Schwarzwind mission taken off, due to how unreasonable it is to attain naturally, but if you were with us back before they "fixed" it, dear god, you can probably read the frustration and the relief in the thread I linked.


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Oh yea, I'm familiar with those titles. Thanx.

But I don't want to bring back weapon master mode. Libre Soul is a good new rendition of it already. And yes, the titles that I'm talking about would and should only show up in Libre Souls. Right now in Libre Souls you can level your character up from 1 to 99 and there are no titles associated with the levels. I'm saying it would be nice to just add titles (not the ones for your online profile) but titles like the ones from weapon masters mode, to Libre Souls and only to be seen in Libre Souls.

If you recall in weapon master mode in SC2 not only could your character get new titles but the bosses you fought had the kewlest titles.


Minerva Emperor of the Sieren

And the more ambitious the title, the more challenging the AI. So the titles in weapon master mode reflects both the skill level of the player and the AI difficulty. It was pretty kewl. Just having the level numbers only is kind-a boring ....