To See What is Right: Yoshimitsu Combos


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Really helpful guide.
I’m a newcomer to fighting games and this has helped me get some of the more useful combos down.

Apologies if this isn’t the right place to ask, but while the combos are really useful I sometimes find myself pushing to use one and getting punished for it, I’m a bit of a noob and would appreciate if anyone has some advice for bread and butter move/combo usage and their situations. Or can point me to a comprehensive written guide that goes through it.

Also if anyone could help me dealing with very quick, relentless pressure (more specifically, button mashing from characters like Groh and Geralt; like I say, I’m a noob).

And also how to safely approach characters with a solid zoning toolkit (I.e Seong Mina).

Thanks for any assistance guys, and sorry if this is the wrong thread to ask.


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You'll find that these forums aren't very active, but the Yoshimitsu Discord has a very active community that can help to answer your questions. Follow this link to join the Discord server:

Yoshimitsu Discord Invite

To quickly answer your questions:
Your main combos to focus on should be...
3(B), DGF A
3(B), DGF A+B
22_88B, 6KA+B
CH WS B, 8K, 6KA+B
FC 3K, RCC, 3(B)/3B

Those are good combos to learn to start out. One you're comfortable with them, you can start moving on to more advanced things, like the 2aB, RCC, b:A combo, and learning how to use 4AA+B[5,2], 44B+K for really good guaranteed damage.

As for breaking pressure, part of it is learning the frames in this game. That will teach you when you have enough initiative to break opponent's attacks. That said, your fastest tool is AA. Yoshi's A has a startup of 10 frames, making it tied for the fastest move in the game. Only Taki, Talim, Raphael, Azwel, and Yoshi have 10 frame moves. Also, remember that AAA+B will combo on counterhit so learn to hit confirm it.

2A is another great tool for breaking pressure, because it is still very fast (12 frames, or i12), crouches under many attacks, tracks step, and gives enough advantage for a mixup between WS B or FC 3K.

Learn to add 2aB into your game, as it is also i12, and on CH guarantees a good combo once you get more comfortable with your execution (2aB, RCC, b:A).

Go check out the Discord, read the FAQ document I put together, and check the learning resources channel as well for a guide written by some solid Yoshi players on how to approach his fundamentals.


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Some new tech, Flash can actually be used to extend a juggle into a wallsplat off of any of Yoshi's launchers except FLEA B for a wallsplat for high float (goes over short fences!). Can lead into 3BB for RO over them as well.

Furthest carry is probably:
44K 9K [6] A+K W! 3BB
(3AB if fence broken, or 3BB for lifting over fence).

Furthest carry is:
44K 66B+K A+K
With a short step in if you're close enough to a wall after 66B+K to be pushed back.

The required step in is further the smaller the opponent's hitbox is. The damage scaling on A+K is incredibly high however, so if you're looking to wallsplat without the RO, it's just not worth doing it over the normal combo. This would mainly be used for a RO over a non-breakable fence (with 3BB or float) or to break a fence and RO with 3AB instead of spending meter on 6KA+B.

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