1. Axist


  2. JBeezYBabY

    Yoshimitsu Takes Souls On Halloween

    Thought I'd get the ball rolling and post some Ranked matches I had on Halloween. And you are correct, Yoshi is dressed up as the LEGENDARY Michael Jackson! Enjoy ;)
  3. linkorz

    To See What is Right: Yoshimitsu Combos

  4. linkorz

    You Shall Repent: Yoshimitsu Punishment

  5. linkorz

    Heaven's Net Casts Wide: Yoshimitsu General Discussion

    Discuss all things SC6 Yoshimitsu.
  6. coolcmcgee

    Redheaded Yoshimitsu Returns to Liberate Your Soul

    Our favorite member of the Manji clan, Yoshimitsu, has been revealed for SOULCALIBUR VI. Yoshimitsu returns after being part of the series since SC1. Funny enough, he seems to be the only SC1 character that did not get his SC1 costume redesigned. Yoshimitsu seems a little more interested in...
  7. sojirothatenken

    Fighting Yoshi is fun

  8. Yoko

    New Member

    I'm not sure how active this site is right now but whatever, here I go. I'm Yoko and I have been playing Soul Calibur since the 4th game. I am a Yoshimitsu main and I'm trying to become very good at the game so later on I might be looking in to joining tournaments, not sure though I'm pretty...