To the Mod that closed the toronto thread.


[10] Knight
I can see why you would think it may have been a reasonable thing to do.

But the only thing you accomplished was negative. There was no problem, no one was being hurt, and the only thing you stopped was the reconciliation of peoples bonds and the possibility for people to understand one another.

What the fool said on he's last message was nothing bad. It was directed at me and it was clear there where no bad intentions just simple misunderstandings and a possibility for growth.

Try to understand before you act. See if your actions are helping anyone.

in your mind you stopped something bad, but in reality there was nothing bad and only room for various improvements.

Please re-evaluate what you accomplished and who it benefited.


[10] Knight
^ what that guy is saying can be very beneficial if one allows it to be.

Oof you should open yourself more and allow yourself to learn new things. A close minded attitude that belittles things outside its comfort zone is not beneficial.

That guys ballin tho