Tony Khan fears JBL


[09] Warrior
There are 4 wrestlers Who, for sure, won't be in AEW: JBL, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and Alberto Del Rio.

The two in between actually had an offer to join Tony Khan's show, but refused.

The other two, instead, they've been blacklisted by AEW: Alberto Del Rio, It's obvious, for the Paige thing, but JBL...

We go at It...

Tony Khan blacklisted JBL by AEW for some criticism he made: JBL said that AEW fandom doesn't overcome 13 years old, and AEW it's hiring wrestler who WCW and TNA used to hire, with the only difference if WCW and TNA did, were bashed...

What can I Say? JBL has a point, and I'm figurine out the reason why Tony Khan blacklisted JBL by AEW: Tony Khan can't held the truth!!!!

Well, actually, not the whole truth: JBL forgot to mention if AEW Does it's different because of Indies gays... ... I mean guys, and AEW fandom jeez more on Indies than a porn movie.

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P.S.: Did I mention AEW's owner Is an illegal immigrant?