Top 5 under-appreciated moves by Meechrox


[09] Warrior
Hi fellow Asta players,

Hi this is Meechrox. I am a momentum-based Asta player, and I would like to share my list of top 5 under-appreciated moves. Hopefully, you're already using moves like bullrush/6A/6B/11BK/PT/etc a lot, so I will be talking other moves.

1) 1K. The local community has dubbed this move 'the Meech special'. I LOVE this move. You might be wondering why an i26 low that is +0 on hit and unsafe on block is my #1 under-appreciated move, so let's look at all the good stuff it does:
- it ROs. Next to the ring edge, 1K and FC 3K form a true 50/50 game.
- it catches step well enough.
- it has good range, actually slightly more range than our command throws
- it is a low.
- it's so slow it beats GI.

When you use 1K after heavy advantage (like after bullrush hits) or after you hit opponent a couple times in a row so they stop mashing, 1K beats almost everything that's not a low guard , so it's a great 'hey stop' move. On hit, it has enough push back that PT will often whiff punish 2A (one of my favorite setups).

2) B. Another awesome move. This move has so much range and really good frames on whiff and decent frames on block because opponent is often not expecting you to stop at a single B. When you have a life lead against short range characters, you can form a wall using just 6A and B. Obviously B and 6B are both vertical mid spacing tools, and 6B has way more reward. IMO B serves a different purpose than 6B. I use B when I am expecting opponent to close in on me, and I use 6B when I expect opponent to try to back dash away.

3) 4B+K. This is a high-risk/high-reward move, and the SC6 version TCs worse than SC5/SC4 version, but it is my best anti-2A tool. It does so much damage (can RO/wall splat too), is RE safe, and it's +0 on block ! Unfortunately it doesn't shift to attack throws vs mantis crawl, but it's still good to use vs MC from time to time.

4) B6B. I think this is actuallly Zig's favorite move. To me, B6B is the new BB6. Most opponents now have the reaction to GI/step BB6 on reaction, but a much smaller percentage can GI B6B, and it's not steppable on reaction. Also a bit faster. On CH close to the wall you can often do CH B6B ~ w! ~ 4KA ~ BB6 ~ 6632[K] ~ 2B+KA+G for great damage.

5) 22[K] QS. After combos that end with 22B, or any other combo that creates separation, it become awkward to approach because many of our options lose to opponent attacking on wake-ups, or they just play dead and wait for a whiff. At that range, I want to use 22B but it is steppable on reaction. Basically I use 22[K] QS as a low risk way to get opponent to stand up because the quake is + on block !!! Also, Lolo actually is pretty good at using this move at an ambiguous range where it's difficult to tell if it's a mid or low.

Honorable mentions (much harder to hit with these and are very situational) include:
- 9B+K, which is ok vs specific characters (like Ivy) but risky.
- 6K, which is great for reverse RO but is unsafe.
- 1A, which is basically a TC version of A+B; I know some people really don't like this move, but I mostly use it to observe my opponent some more or for hard reads.
- 9B, which actually forward ROs but has some whiffing problems.