unlocking question


[09] Warrior
I'm level 99 and i still haven't unlocked the Hannibal Lecter mask
is it the the dlc? i lost my old ps3 and my old data wont load on the new one
I thought I re downloaded all the dlcs

Anything im missing?
or does anyone know a way to retrieve my old data?

I had the collectors edition with dam and all, thats all there...this might be irrelevant lol.
thank you all in advance


[10] Knight
Well...I'm not sure which item you mean. I suppose you unlock everything in game if you reach Lv. 99.

But yeah, on the DLC fronts, if you mean by all of them, you may have to get all the DLC catalogs to view them. (AKA, the Cepheus Compatibility Packs.)