Voldo Soul Gauge Damage

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Big Gimpin
Here is a list of the moves that can break gauge, and how many of them it takes to do so on an undamaged gauge.
BS 8_9 K, A --- 5 attacks

BS 7 K, A --- 5.5 attacks

BS 8_9 B,K --- 5.5 attacks

BS 7 B,K --- 6 attacks

[B+K] --- 6 attacks

6 [A+B] --- 6.33 attacks

66A+B, K --- 6.5 attacks

44K --- 7 attacks

LF B BE --- 7.33 attacks

3BB --- 7.5 attacks

66B BE --- 7.5 attacks

BS 8WR B, K --- 7.5 attacks

44B --- 8 attacks

BS 4B --- 8 attacks

BS 8_9 B, K ( with the B whiffing and only the K hitting) --- 8 attacks

BS 2B+K --- 8 attacks

4BAA --- 8.33 attacks

BS A+B2 --- 8.5 attacks
(For this one, it's assumed that you're close enough where they block one hit from your roll before it explodes, and blocks the explosion. the 9th roll before the explosion breaks)

BS [6]BB ---8.5 attacks
(To clarify, this is the swipe into drill, not the two swipes, which is 6B,B. Also note that while BS [6]BB looks just like the second and third attacks of the BS [6]ABB string, they have different properties. If you do [6]AB or [6]ABB it will never break.

4K --- 9 attacks

BS 7B, K (with just the K hitting) --- 9 attacks

LF B+K --- 9.33 attacks

LF [A] --- 9.33 attacks
(note that the uncharged version of LF A does not break and that the three hit charged version cannot be cancelled, so if you break with this move the best you can hope for is two more hits of LF [A])

2BB --- 9.5 attacks

4BA --- 9.5 attacks

666B --- 10 attacks

66K --- 10 attacks

1B/1{B} --- 10 attacks

B+K --- 10 attacks

BS B+K --- 10 attacks

MCHT K --- 10 attacks

22_88B --- 11 attacks

22_88K --- 11 attacks

6{K} --- 11 attacks

MCFT B --- 11 attacks
(note that like MC A, MC B has two separate hits: a mid that hits forward followed by a low poke that hits behind him. This is for the mid only, which hits from MCFT)

66A+B --- 11.5 attacks.

WS BB --- 11.5 attacks

BS 6B, B --- 11.5 attacks

4B --- 12 attacks

6K --- 12 attacks

6 A+B --- 12 attacks

BS A+B --- 12 attacks

LF B --- 12 attacks

A+B --- 13 attacks

33_99 A --- 13 attacks

FC 3B --- 13 attacks

2B/2{B} --- 13 attacks

1{K} --- 13 attacks

BS CR/WS B --- 13 attacks

BS CR/WS K --- 13 attacks

BS 8WR K --- 13 attacks

BS 8WR B (without the K followup) --- 13 attacks

BS 8_9 K --- 13 attacks

MC B+K --- 13 attacks

3B (without the second B followup) --- 13 attacks

WS B/WS {B} --- 13 attacks
This move breaks the soul gauge in about exactly 13 hits, without much overflow. If you don't perform them in rapid succession it takes 14 attacks. Which leads me to believe that, for just a few of the slower to test moves (ones that force me to stance transition or move away afterwards to get back in position) could theoretically take one hit less as well.

1K ---14 attacks

66B --- 15 attacks

4A --- 15 attacks

66A --- 15 attacks

FC 3A+B --- 15 attacks

2A+B --- 15 attacks

BS 8WR A --- 15 attacks

BS 4K --- 15 attacks

BS 6K --- 15 attacls

BS 7K --- 15 attacks

BS 6B (single hit) --- 15 attacks

BS 8_9 B --- 15 attacks
(note that BS 7B does *not* break and also does significantly less gauge damage)

BS 9 A --- 15 attacks
(Note that BS 7A and BS 8A do *not* break and also do significantly less gauge damage)

MCHT A --- 15 attacks
(Note that MCHT actually has two hits to this move, one that hits behind him as he's standing up, and then the final attack where he hits in front of him. The second hit of MC A (MCFT A) does not break at all)

FC B --- 16 attacks
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Big Gimpin
Alright I'm going to be redoing this entirely over the next few days, as this was all pre-patch and I never 100% finished in the first place.

Alright, I'm finished. I can't think of anything else I could test. I've tested every move except for the second hit of MCFT B (the low) and MCHT/FT B+K because I can't seem to make it hit a blocking computer.

I also couldn't test the revenge counter-move that comes out of MCHT/FT B+K for obvious reasons.

If you guys have anything to add/correct me on feel free, but I just tested his entire move list and this is what breaks and in how many hits.

I'm going to update the wiki with this info later.

Alright, I'm pretty sure I got the wiki finished. Feel free to tell me if I missed anything. If this page and the wiki conflict, go with this page (or do the testing yourself if you'd prefer). It probably just means I forgot to update that one spot.

Wiki was kind of a mess in terms of gaurd breaking. Had a lot of incorrect values and listed some moves that haven't ever broken guard, even pre-patch. I think it should be cleaned up now.
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