Voldo vs Pyrrha match up advice.


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Hey guys, long time 8WayRunner, first time poster (outside the Australian boards :D). Lately I've been having a common problem dealing with Pyrrha players. So my question is, what is the best way as a Voldo player to deal with Pyrrha. Any good advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Волк Одиночка
In order to deal with Pyrrha you'll have to play extremely safe. Which means avoid using 3A, 2A+B, A+B, CR BB, CRAA (unless hit confirmed), and 6ABA in this match up. Also avoid using 66A+BK and 4BAA in this matchup as she can duck these and you will get stabbed. For your step catchers you'll want to be using 22A, 44A, BS 4A, and BS 8A. And avoid using lows too predictably as she can punish even a blocked 2K with a stab.


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Just letting you know that your advice helped a lot. Actually ended up beating Pyrrha, not to mention your advice made her A+B GI useless which helped me a great deal. Thanks!


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does Voldo have anything that isn't punishable by pyrrha's 236 b
Yes. He has AA, aBBB, 6AB, 6AB(A), 2A, 4A, 8A, BS A, BS 6AAB, BS 4A, BS 8A, BS 2A, BS WR A, BB, 6B, 3B, 2BB, 2(B), 4B, 8B, FC B, WR B, BS B, BS 6BB, BS 6B6B, BS 4B, BS WR B, K, 3K, 1K, 1(K), 4K, 8K, WR K, WR (K), BS K, BS 6K, BS 4K, BS WR K, (B+K), FC 3A+B, BS A+B, BS B+K, BS 2B+K, 33A, 22A, 44A, BS 8WR A, 66B, 22B, 44B, 666B, 66K, 22K, 44K, MCFT A, MC K, LF B, and LF (A).


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side note, do not expect to be able to get up in the stance that you want to.

Pyrrah 1K will change your positioning, making you get up in front turned when you would have originally gotten up in back turn, or vice versa