vs Astaroth match up advice


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Depends a lot of asta playstyle. I found that out greatest move vs asta is 3a. Pretty long, tc, horizontal and mid. The fact that it's a mid is pretty important, because vs asta you must forgot aa and similar, since One of the most use asta move is 66k/fc3k that is tc.
If you are waiting for a throw, b+k. Don't spam it so much anyway, kinda risky. Kill asta with poke and 3b, that's all i think


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What makes 3A especially awesome against Astaroth is that whilst most characters can AA punish it on block, Astaroth can't. So yeah, safe mid and damaging step-killer FTW. By the same logic, high reward, -12 moves like 33B are worth throwing out more often because they can't be punished on block.

66A and 66B are quite good for getting inside, I find. Especially in Astaroth's case, 66B's -2 on block barely equates to a disadvantage at all.

There's Astaroth's impressive throw game to consider as well. His standing A+G and B+G do similar damage (55 and 50 respectively), and his mid grabs 2A+G and 2B+G does 45 and 55 respectively (take on an extra 15 if they go for the BE in each case). There's also the powerful 63214A+G grab of his, so if they know how to do that it's generally better to A break from standing.

All in all, if you can stay outside of his grab range but inside of your attack range, all Astaroth can really do is try to punish your mistakes, which shouldn't happen unless you whiff. In theory at least, this match is in Patroklos' favour.


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no', i must disagree. except if asta has his back on border, it's better to escape throw with b. 63214b+g is about 180 dmg near wall with 1 or 2 bars.


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jG is essential for me in this match-up. You need to jG all his Bullrush BE's (66B punish i believe) , his 1A,A (66B punish) and long range charged Bullrush's (66B punish).
Also essential is jG'ing against his 44{A} and 4{B} on reaction. If you jG 44{A} you get any punishment you want though I usually go for 66B, and jG 4{B} will give you 3B punish.
Even though many of his strings can be delayed they are also pretty easy to jG. If your on top of your jG game and you got crazy reflexes I would suggest attempting to jG his 22B BE's though that's fairly hard to do so on reaction.

Apart from that, duck a lot. Punish ducked grabbed attempts appropriately (WR A+B IMO). Use B+K plenty. 3A is very good as it will interrupt many of his 22B attempts.

Your options after 1K are also very good since his fastest interrupt I believe is i15 and with little range.


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Some throw break advice from an Astaroth player:
- B command throw is the most damaging option with follow ups, can ring out with air grab follow up or 22_88B BE, air grab if slightly off axis
- A command throw BE will ring out if Astaroth has his back to the edge
- A low grab will ring out if you have your back to the edge, otherwise assume B low grab as it's more damage


Steamed Buns!!
Doesn't [A+B] work against his 4(B) and 44(A) as they're both mids? May be less risky than missing a JG attempt on 44[A] and eating roughly four trillion damage.
Probably, but Id have to test it out. I still would rather jG as you get more damage from it and IMO its more intuitive to see the guard break and go for the jG, than to see it, remember its a mid and go for his aGI.