vs Dampierre


[10] Knight
I fought a really good Dampierre recently (read: one who beat me). I was noticing that if it isn't impossible, it's wicked hard to backstep this guy's 2A. At least it was for me. Jumping always works but mids will eat me. Anyone else have this problem? I also realized that I have ZERO idea what to do against this character when he's played competently. I think there's something about mashing out of the combo he gets of the ground grab or something? Like I said, dunno.

I'm 100% sure this match-up heavily favors Nightmare, I'm just at a huge disadvantage because I don't know how to answer back. Standard spacing strategies do pretty well, but I'm fucked sideways once he gets in. I know to 1K/8B his ass when he's on the ground doing his wannabe Land Fish stuff, and to block low when I see the guard point flash on his... I think it's his 1A(?), but that's pretty much it.


[14] Master
Every character has unique, weird max damage punishes and option selects against Damp that you have to find for yourself in training mode. For example, Nightmare can CE punish A+B's head spin.
Also, try 2A+B against certain PB entrances. It should work against unsafe ones like 66B.
Use NSS's backstep or 8K to beat 2A.
Bait his CE and 4A/GS B punish. Remember that the counter window lasts way longer than it looks.