Vs Patroklos


I've seen this in other character SA's and it seems to work for them so lets try it here. Now I have the punishment reference stickied and odds are once we get through each character I'll it and turn it into a clean and organized VS thread.

In each thread I would like to talk about basic punishes and JG punishes, I would also like to have something about what range is best for Ezio and possibly have mentions of commonly used tech traps or frame traps used by the opposing character. Also I wont have these paragraphs in each thread just this one as it is the first.


Punishing Patroklos

1A -17 JG -26: wrK Edit: wrK only works at close range, it whiffs if Pat uses 1A at tip range. Use 2B instead if you are uncertain about the range. If you JG you have more options: wrA, BB, 66BB

6BBB -16 JG -21: Second hit can be sidestepped either direction after blocking the first hit of the string. Can also 6ABB or 66BB. The move can be delayed after each hit making 6AB some what risky, if they delay the second hit you will trade and both Ezio and Pat will be CH, Ezio will fall and Pat will be in a spin stun state. (Note: It's a bit harder to side step towards Pats right side)

3B -16 JG -21 : Can be punished with 1BBB, 6B, and 6B BE. Note: Cannot use 1BBB consistently if Pat uses 3B at tip range. 6B is the most reliable way to punish at any range.

1K -18: Punish with wrBB, wrK, 6B, 6AB, CE

wrK -18: 6B, 1BBB, 6AB, CE

wrKA -16 JG -20: AA, 6B, CE

2A+B -22 JG -27: wrBB, 66BB, 6B (sometimes whiffs) wrA, CE

8A+B -13 JG -24: CE will whiff as a 8A+B will knock you off axis. JG: 66BB, 6B, CE

wrA+B -15 JG -20: AA(range dependent) 6B(tight timing) JG: 66BB, 6B BE, 66BB BE, or CE (Thanks to Paranormal_Oreo for the JG info)

B+K -14 JG -35: Only punishable with a CE at close range, if used at tip range CE will whiff, JG allows for a 66BB punish

8B+K -12 JG -24: JG punishes only: B, 66BB, CE

33B -12 JG -21: JG:6AB, 66BB, BB, 6B

11B -14: CE. A+B or 1K 6B BE (Thanks to Paranormal_Oreo for the JG info)

44B -3 JG -17: Leaves you in a force crouch state. JG: BB, 6B, CE

66K -16: 6B or CE

11k -16: wrK, fcB, fcK, fcA

44K -16:44KK is high-high and the delay can be extended unnaturally long. Because of the large amount of delay it can have interrupting the second hit can be difficult. When in doubt 2k it out

66A BE +8 JG -35-?: Second hit can be stepped for a 11A punish. JG: A+B, 66A+B (JG'ing gives you amazing options with 66A+B, as it leaves you close enough to combo 66A+B~1BBB~3B for 89dmg or better yet with meter 66A+B CE for 117 - 131 dmg)

236B BE -5 JG -16: Second hit can be stepped. JG: 6B, 1BBB

1B BE : Mid High Mid, block the first hit duck the second then quick step towards Pat's shield for a free back throw JG: A+B. Note: Its better to A+B after the 1st hit on block for a CH combo.

CE -20: 66BB, CE

JS(Justice Step/236)

JS A -16 JG : 6B, CE.

JS AB -16 JG -25 - ?: CE. JG: 1k, A+B, 66BB. Can also be sidestepped after the first hit

JS B -20: 6B, 3B, 66BB, CE whiffs because you are knocked off axis.

JS K -18: 1BB, 3B, 6B

Most of the JG is there and the other probably wont be looked at because the normal punishing options out weight the JG risk.


General Anti-Patroklos

  • When going against Patroklos you want to keep him out of your face and at mid range. some of Ezio's better spacing tools against Pat are as follow
    1. 22/88K: KND on hit and has amazing pushback on block leaving you at -6, also blends in well with 11K.
    2. 22/88A: At tip range Patroklos cannot punish and forces Pat into mid range. Finishing the string allows you to create a mid range mix up.
  • Step to Pat's left when at mid range to stop him from abusing 66b, his only other options
    1. 3A i20: A mid with TC properties and only -12 making it difficult for Ezio to punish
    2. 66A i25: A long winded mid with TC properties, only -6 but much easier to JG for decent damage. Getting hit by this gives Pat +12 advantage.
    3. 66K i18: A relatively fast mid that catches step but is punishable on block.
  • Sometimes Pat will get in your face regardless of what you do so here are the things to watch out for.
    1. 1K i18: A low kick that is delivered from a standing position. It is +2 on NH and CH and will be used to harass you. Blocking it leaves Pat at -18 so if you block it make sure to punish him hard.
    2. 1B i21: A mid that causes a KND on NH CH. It is neutral on block and does decent guard damage. Combined with 1K it can become a nightmare to deal with. Stepping to the right will cause this move to miss and allow for a punish.
    3. 236AB i18: A TC/TJ mid that kills step and has good range. It has huge TC properties and is easily abusable if Pat doesn't finish the string. It is -16 and the second hit is easy to step but Pat can opt to not finish the string and leave you guessing.
    4. 66B+G: Pat's only command throw. If done near the edge it can lead to a forward RO. If you are caught in this mash buttons and move the directions pad to break free.


Avoiding Patroklos RO
Patroklos has a pretty good forward RO game anytime he is near the edge and has your back to it. He can combo very far for a RO because his CE is stupid in the throw range it has. Some things to look out for are
  • 1A very slow but can RO forward if you aren't ready for it.
  • 3B can be combo'd together with 236B or CE for a RO.
  • 1B he can use his BE version also
  • wrK
  • A+B
  • 8A+B
  • 22AA
  • 33B can also be combo's with 236B
  • 66K can catch you stepping and RO to Pat's left
  • All of his JS(236) moves can RO
  • CE and anything that combo's into it.
  • 66B+G
  • B+K can also combo into CE
Aside from his good forward RO game he can a decent back RO game because of 11B. It tech crouches and launches you behind him a decent distance and if he has the meter he can connect his CE into it for extra distance.
Always be aware of your location in the ring and try and know how much meter Pat has and if he can CE you into RO hell.


Волк Одиночка
Good shit mang. Just one thing to add. 1B BE is a MHM string. You can duck the second and step the third for a free back grab.


Good shit mang. Just one thing to add. 1B BE is a MHM string. You can duck the second and step the third for a free back grab.
I completely forgot about that move, but then again it's not a move that is often used outside of combos. I'll go back and see what kind of punishes Ezio can get out of it.