Wait a second... Collector edition... Doesn't come with the DLC pass?


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Title says it all... Can someone confirm whether the season pass is included or not with the big box set? I decided to get the collectors thinking it was worth adding 50 to the deluxe base price for a book and statue...


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If you're in Europe, it does. If you're in America, it doesn't. America gets an art book and a painted statue, however, while Europe only gets a solid silver statue, and no art book. So there's trade-offs.


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Yeah, I just figured it all out. When I pre ordered it, it had the season pass and statue in the image. Now, the pass is gone from the Amazon listing. Talk about pulling the rug from under US pre-orders - that is some super sleazy shit.

I mean, if you think about the move, they are trying to sneak an additional charge on collector buyers of about 30$, making it about 200$, after taxes for everything. An art book and commemorative statue is not worth 100$ I'm. Just canceled my order and shifted to getting the plain deluxe.

Now, they lost 50$ I had placed an order for due to that move of theirs.


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I thought in US SCVI CE was Seasonpassless from the beginning?
But if what you write is true and they took it out along the way, that's some shady shit. Do you still have the e-mail receipt? Does it state the content?

Edit: Nevermind, you canceled already.

On another note, on gamestop and Amazon in EU, even though season pass is still there, they changed the picture to having a colored Sophi, not the silver one anymore. *scratches head*

Edit 2: Made a screenshot of the whole Gamestop eu SC6 page with season pass included, just to make sure.
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Wtf. I remember being told by EB games that my collector edition would include the season pass when I preordered it months ago. (>-____-) I need to confirm tmrw with them


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There was a box opening broadcast of the US Collector's edition the other day that showed of the full set. And they confirmed no season pass.

A pretty big bummer.

But, on a positive note, the statue is actually very nice!


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The more I think about it, the more pissed off I get actually. The base game is 60, the hard copy deluxe is $100, and then the collector is $150. I mean... how would you feel if you bought the collectors edition and found out after opening it actually doesn't include the game at all? That's how I felt when I found out the pass wasn't included in what was supposed to be the complete package for fans of the game. These very expensive super box sets are supposed to include everything - they have the word "collector" since they are supposed to include everything for a collector buyer.