What does Z.W.E.I. have?

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I made this list to try to summarize all of the things Z.W.E.I. has that make him unique, rare for a character to have or just good things in general may it be a single move or across multiple moves.

I personally think Z.W.E.I. is both underrated but isn't that great but I created this list to simply have everything that may have been over looked.

Also I should note that I am no Z.W.E.I. expert
Although I did make a guide to Z.W.E.I.'s movelist and his B+K BE just to help out people who need more tools for Z.W.E.I.
But the point is I will need help with this list and it is opinion so you could list something I find useless because you can find it viable in a match.

Now that I got that out of the way lets get to the actual list itself.

His distancing: His distancing game I believe is unique for the fact that you have either a 66B as a TC and 6A+B to aGI ranged meds to keep opponents from doing reactable or predictable moves at range and 66A+B to catch them guarding.

Moves to make people hesitate: He has B, BB, [ B ], 4B, 4B BE, 4[A], 4A, 66A+B and 66[A+B] to keep a mind game with his fake outs.

Guard damage: Probably one of his staple thing, he has guard damage at range with 66A+B and 66A BE which the 66A BE can be lead into a KF B safely, and for close range he has B+K BE which can be scary to interrupt and his guard breaks can normally lead into a 1 combo.

Interesting wake-up game: His wake-up game can usually lead into a 2K/3K or some other fast mid or just 66A+B to get into the distancing game with guard damage and can be even more complex with 1 as a combo ender.

66B+K: This move is kinda interesting considering it jumps over your opponent and can be used after 2K for a weird mix-up game.

Good against noobs: This kinda speaks for itself although we all knew this.

Well I listed everything I like about Z.W.E.I. besides his swag.
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ZWEI's pros -
Above average damage (examples 32 damage BB, hard hitting meterless damage with WRB/66A+B, B+K BE combos)
Strong guard damage tools which can still find advantage on block (66A+B, 214B, 66B, 8A+B)
Ein Zoning (1B hold, 4A hold, 66A+B, B+K, A hold, B hold, B+K BE)
Viable poke game for a slow character to keep honest/disrespect (2A, 6B, B, 2K, 9B)
Viable reverse mix ups (B with BB and B hold, 66B spam, no holds such as 1B and 4A)
Lots of set ups to test MU knowledge and still some viable ones for players who know ZWEI
Underrated RO game (66A, A+B, 1K BE combos, WRB)
As @Seven ate you said he has much swag.

Things ZWEI can do which many other characters cant -
JG GI - only viola and Algol also have this, ZWEI can JG GI attempts if he is free to move and they are GIing Ein.
Ein vs aJG - If ZWEI has a aJG from JGing Xiba kB or Natsu 4A+Ba/11A and is attacked while doing a Ein move, ZWEI will JG but Ein wont be cancelled and the move will carry on and ZWEI will recover into guard much quicker allowing for new combos.
Ein projectiles - Not many characters have projectiles and once he has a max hold on the feild or B+K BE he has alot more control over the opponent.
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